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Topic: New Bigga Giggas Release

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    New Bigga Giggas Release

    Bigga Giggas Presents: Sune\'s L100 - Hammond for Gigastudio.

    This is the new standard for sampled organs. Every note of every Drawbar setting recorded in extremely long looped samples averaging over 15 seconds BEFORE the loop begins... Fully controllable Virtual Drawbars screen in GigaStudio(tm)

    IMPORTANT!!! This instrument is exclusively in GigaStudio Type 2 Format and extremely demanding on system resources. Best with a fast computer and 128 meg of RAM or more! Please download the info doc available from http://www.glasstrax.com/biggagiggas/collections/SUNESL100.zip Pictures of the organ as well as full details inside.

    For more details, please visit www.biggagiggas.com

    Best Regards
    Per Larsson
    Bigga Giggas Europe

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    Re: New Bigga Giggas Release

    You can now download some Sune\'s L100 demos from the productpage at www.biggagiggas.com


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    Re: New Bigga Giggas Release

    If I underswtand the readme file, this product can not be used with either Giga LE or Giga Full, correct?

    If my assumption is true, will a lite version for Giga LE & Full be a future release?



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    Re: New Bigga Giggas Release

    Since this gig uses the Midi Control Panel to control the volumes on the different drawbars, this can\'t be implemented in Gigasampler. We are thinking about releasing a gigasampler version that \"only\" contains fixed settings.

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