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Topic: How to reinstall ?

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    Question How to reinstall ?

    Computer crash ... had to reformat.
    On the Garritan download site I see I can download "Upgrade" for both GPO4 and JABB3, but do I still need the old disks initially? Or, would these downloads be the whole product?
    Thanks for help!
    ... Chuck

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    Re: How to reinstall ?

    Hello Chuck,

    In your account downloads, although they are described as 'Upgrades' they are the full programs so you don't need the old disks.

    Just download and install. You can also download your 'Keycard' from there if needed.

    I would just mention that it took me a few downloads before I got one I could unpack successfully. I use WinRAR and I kept getting the dreaded 'CRC failed' mesage or 'corrupt file' message.

    This isn't a Garritan problem, it's something in the download process and, as I say, after a few attempts I managed a successful download.

    Also, I had to close my firewall to install; just thought I'd mention that as well.

    Good luck.
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