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Topic: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

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    137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Dear friends,

    since my other post is still up on the first page of this forum, I should have not posted this now... but today (7.March) is Ravel's birthday, and I thought that is worth a celebration.

    Here are the first three movements from the orchestral version of "Ma Mere L'Oye" (Mother Goose):

    the following two movements are here:

    The final two movements are still in work, will take a while until this is complete.

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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    You've done it again!!!
    Simply marvelous, in the extreme. Especially #3, which surpasses all that came before it, in beauty and execution. You are most certainly getting good at this and your "method", whatever it may be, or however you might describe it, seems to be very effective. But the #3, those sounds and your expert touch, add up to a most remarkable display of the genius of Ravel, the fantastic versatility of the GPO tool set, and finally, you, with your deft and sensitive touch, making the thing literally come alive.
    Well done!

    sd cisco

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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Reinhold, you simply amaze me.

    For folks who want to create their own renderings of classic pieces using Garritan instruments (and there are quite a few who do) - there just aren't better examples of how great the results can sound than these meticulously, lovingly produced renderings of yours.

    What enchanting music Ravel's "Mother Goose" is. I can only imagine how satisfying it must be to realize it with virtual instruments like this.

    Thank you, thank you for your wonderful posts.


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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    I think he must stop this doing. We normal human beings, we all develop some inferiority complexes, while listening to those great recordings of classical pieces. At the same it fills a hole in my musical education. I am aware that this work exists, but - yes, you will read it right!!!! - I NEVER heard it before. You made my day with this.

    Great work,


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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Dear sd cisco, dear Randy, dear Raymond,

    thank you very much for your praise - am blushing now.
    I am glad that you like how this music sounds. GPO4 is an amazing tool, and when a little effort is put in, it can sound very good.

    Of course, I am here creating recordings of music which I know very well since many years, and of which I have heard several versions and interpretations. This has given me the strong motivation to create my own version, playing the music a I would like it best. Only once I did a music which I had never hear before, just from the paper score (Mahler's Blumine).

    One slight issue I noticed now when listening on my laptop computer: the overall volume of these three pieces is quite low. Works ok on headphones, but appears very quiet on speakers, and some of the fine details get a bit lost. So I may do a revision and increase the volume. Not normalizing it, but increasing each instrument by 3-6dB through the track controller #7, to get a fuller volume and sound.

    And then the two remaining movements will be my next work - I want to complete this suite soon. Will post them here into this thread, once they are ready.

    Once again, thank you very much for your very encouraging words!

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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Yes great work as usual, and its pretty much what we expect from you each time, and you always deliver.

    I was going to mention the levels myself, see you noticed. If you did a boost, it might need some more.

    I learned that some gentle mastering, or aggressive, however you feel like approaching it, can work wonders to lift the sound and give it some presence and sparkle -which can otherwise be lacking in sampled instruments.
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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Thank you, Graham!

    I did now revise the recordings and lifted them by about 3dB.
    Did not want to increase much more, because most of the volume is indicated as p and pp; especially the first movement is to be very quiet. The second movement has one short f part, and another one mf; I think that the volume now is quite appropriate for those two. Might still have to do some finer controlling of the strings, because now that they are louder, also some of the shortcomings are more clearly audible.

    The 3rd movement was now also lifted, now it uses the full dynamic range up to 0db at the end (a slight clipping there which I need to fix).


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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    Dear friends,

    here is the fourth movement of Ma mère l'oye :
    Les entretiens de la belle et de la bête (Conversation of Beauty and Beast)

    Hope you enjoy this also!


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    Re: 137th birthday of Maurice Ravel - "Ma Mere L'Oye"

    And here is the final movement of Ma Mere L'oye:

    "Le Jardin Feerique" - The Fairy Garden.


    Still work to do on these last two movements: the tempo is not yet ideal, a few notes are a bit too loud, others too quiet, work is never finished on my music renditions.

    But for now I will give this music a break and will work on other recordings.


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