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Topic: news and more

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    news and more

    Hello everyone,

    Just thought I would let you guys know why I haven\'t been around in the past couple of weeks. Well to start with my wife just found out that she is pregnant with our first child. I am very excited AND a little scared out of my mind! Anyway because of this we have decided to move back closer to home so I have taken a job in Memphis and relocated back closer to our familes.

    I am just now getting things back together (my studio) and Sean I am are doing a huge recording project next weekend! We will finish up the marimba, finish up the world percussion, and begin the drum set cd. Just so you guys know what we are thinking the drum set cd will be VERY extensive. We will do all the major lines of sets (pearl, yamaha, DW, sonor) and each set will have several different head variations to choose from such as: pin stripe, renaissance, evans, etc. We will also include a mulitude of cymbal sets that you will be able mix and match with any set you want (that should be really cool). Needless to say this will take some time so if you guys have any input on ANYTHING else you would like to see with this just let us know. Which actually brings me to my next topic. I don\'t even remeber who it was but someone recently said that my \"pressence\" on this forum made him/her uneasy. I don\'t understand this at all?!?! Come on guys if every manufacuturer gave you as much input and accessibility to them then the music industry would be a much better place. Just think about all the features that got put into the Orchestral Percussion cd because of people on this board.

    Well enough of that...anyway I hope to gets lots of feedback on the upcoming cd\'s. We aslo have two other projects the works that should also be really cool. One is a \"special effects\" cd of cool sounding percussive hits and the other is the most extensive orchestral winds collection ever. We will start one section at a time probably with the brass section since that seems to be the one that no one can decide on. Any thoughts?

    Donnie Christian

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    Re: news and more

    Donnie, seems like your up for the biggest and most important project in you life!
    You\'ve got aprox 9 months to adjust.


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    Re: news and more

    Congratulations Mr&Mrs Christian!!

    Stay with the forum Donnie - as you say, it\'d be great if all manufacturers appeared on their product forums as often as you do.

    All your planned projects sound right on the money.

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    Re: news and more

    You\'ve got aprox 9 months to adjust.

    Actually the real adjustment comes AFTER the 9 months!
    Congrats Donnie! My wife is just pregnant too!

    I love the idea of the orchestral winds. Hope you\'ll set the new standard for the sampling industry as your Ultimate Percussion did.

    [This message has been edited by Cheez (edited 09-22-2000).]

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    Re: news and more

    Hey Donnie and congrats!

    Orchestral winds sound very yummie! But then you say \'brass\' - are they among the winds? I thought winds were woodwinds and brass were... well, brass. Anyway. Will you be doing sections and not only solo instruments? if yes, do you have some good players on hand, and good financing? I\'d loooooove some brass and winds in the quality of your Orch. Percussion, so I hope you\'ll make it work. The World Percussion and SPFX Percussion sound very interesting too. And.... what about the timpani extra disc then?


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    Re: news and more

    Congratulations Donnie (and the Mrs.)!!
    As a new dad of a 6 month old, I can say that you\'ve got some great times ahead of you! The first 3 months were really difficult for us, but since then it has been nothing but total joy.

    It would be really great if you guys did the other orchestra sections. Having all of the instruments recorded in the same room would bring us much closer to doing a real emulation than anything else.

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    Re: news and more

    Wow, new dads all around (my wife is going to give birth to our first any day now).

    Donnie, my one suggestion would be to use key switching or the mod wheel to choose between, say, different heads of the snare drum. You might well have been planning this already (sorry if it seems obvious). It\'s more convenient to audition and compare different heads this way.

    If it\'s half as good as your orch perc library I\'ll buy it the first day it\'s available.

    - Chris

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    Re: news and more

    has anybody noticed the correlation between the use of gigasampler and child birth rates??

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    Re: news and more

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>
    Orchestral winds sound very yummie! But then you say \'brass\' - are they among the winds? I thought winds were woodwinds and brass were... well, brass.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    The term includes both brass and woodwinds. The term \"brass\" is actually a short-form of \"brasswinds\". Another example of a term being shortened, for common usage, is the piano, which originally was \"fortepiano\".

    Anyway, my vote would be for woodwinds, especially flutes. There seem to be lots of excellent oboes out there, but I\'m still searching for flute sounds!


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    Re: news and more

    Wow thanks for all the best wishes! My wife was REALLY impressed.

    Chris...that is a great idea about switching between the heads with the mod wheel. Actually we had thought about using the mod wheel for switching between cymbal sets but now I think we will use keyboard triggers for the drum heads and the mod wheel for the cymbals. Thanks for the input.

    See it\'s input like this that helps to make libraries great instead of just good. PLEASE keep up the suggestions...as you can see we take them very seriously!


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