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Topic: GS editor for dummies?

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    GS editor for dummies?

    is there some way to comprehend the gs editor? I went through the first tutorial several times and then forged on to the others. I followed this up by reading the manual twice in the editor section. The net result:complete bafflement. I can\'t even conceptualize what is going on. Is there anyway to figure this thing out and hopefully use it? thanks

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    Re: GS editor for dummies?

    We get a lot of questions about this and our first response is always \"read the manual\", GS & Gst are big and complex programs and to get the performance you want from these products, you have to study the manual in detail. We have, however, made a small walk-through example of how to build a simple gig-file from scratch. You can find a link at: http://www.glasstrax.com/biggagiggas/index.html

    Hope that this can be a start.

    //Worra www.worrasplace.com

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