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Topic: Symphony No. 4: Part 2

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    Symphony No. 4: Part 2

    Here Is part 2 to My 4th Symphony, Entitled 'Loveless'.

    This movement is happier compared to the tragic mood of the first part, So This Part is titled :"The Girls."

    GPO4 And Altiverb Setting: Film Studio 1 Berlin

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    Re: Symphony No. 4: Part 2

    The beginning invites to a second time listening. I'll come back to this later. Sounds interesting and really joyful.


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    Re: Symphony No. 4: Part 2

    Lots of nice touches and interesting changes and switching of instrument families. Particularly enjoyed the piece from the 5 min mark. And then a surprising change of pace. Sounds like another movement at 6 mins.

    The rendering is very good, and only let down by the brass hits which sound out of place to me - perhaps unharmonised? Hard to be sure as they also are unfortunately clipping, causing distortion.

    Overall a great work with lots of neat musical ideas.
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    Re: Symphony No. 4: Part 2

    Hello, Quinn - This is indeed dramatically different than part 1. It's a very richly varied Symphony you've composed.

    So many very appealing sections in this. The opening could be a ballet!---I tend to think in theatrical terms, since theatre is my background.

    What I can't get a grasp on is coherence, a sense of this being "of a piece." What I'm hearing is a series of interesting, pretty passages, connected loosely with sparsely orchestrated and rather static linking sections. For me, it makes the movement sound padded, and makes me think it would carry more interest and power if it could all be condensed, and with these disparate parts somehow tied together more.

    The dynamic range is huge - so much that I was constantly moving the volume control on my interface. I would turn it up to hear the extremely soft passages, then that level would be too high for the loud sections. Even though classical/modern classical music of course has the broadest dynamic range of any form of music, the range still needs to be tamed a bit for a recording.

    The same rendering issues are heard as in the first movement - the vibrating noise instead of a smooth Tympani roll for instance. And, as Graham pointed out, the file is clipping badly on the peak points. I want to encourage you again to dig into an audio program that will help you with those issues.


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    Re: Symphony No. 4: Part 2


    I Think i've figured out how to make roll sound more (not entirely) realistic:
    increase the variation 2 knob in the controls. i think somebody may have covered this, but for now, it works for me.
    Also can anyone recommend any good audio software?


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