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Topic: Any thoughts on gigastudio's verb?

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    Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    Is it up to sblive standards? Is it better?

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    It\'s much better than SBLive\'s. Of course, reverb has so much to do with personal taste, but I find it quite nice and actually useful. I\'ve invested a lot of money in hardware reverbs, so I usually don\'t bother with soft verbs. However, the little bit that I\'ve used of the GS reverbs, I\'ve been very impressed. Moreso than of most soft verbs.

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    I don´t know SBLive reverb but I´d say considering that it uses only some 12% of cpu it is really not bad and quite smooth.

    Compared to my old Microverb 2 I would say that GSt-reverb is less \"bubbling\" but the stereo-effect is better with the Microverb.

    All in all good value for the price.


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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    Has anyone had an opportunity to compare it with timeworks?

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    Sorry but from the few tests I ran with NFX verb I say it sucks Much worse than SB Live, and definitely very bad especially in high frequencies - it sounds way too clean and unnatural. Get a cheap Lexicon MPX 100, it\'ll be 100 times more realistic


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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    I ask for a couple of reasons. The first is that the only reason I would upgrade at this point would be for the verb. The second is that I\'m smarting a bit from criticisms made of my solo piano (Bach) at Mp3 that suggest that the \"give-a-way\" that the music is not a live recording is the verb. \"Too clean,\" meaning \"not enough room ambience\". I switched to Timeworks from Hyperism, because, given the filtering I\'ve done with the Steinway B sample, Timeworks emerges as the superior reverb. I think it probably is better than Hyperism and Native verb as well.

    Anyway, I thought the new Gstudio verb might be an improvement on both Timeworks and Native. Frankly, I can\'t find much wrong with Timeworks in conjunction with Steinway B. For most solo piano it seems to me to sound incredibly good. (With on or two exceptions: some of my tracks are a bit muddy.) My \"fans\" disagree, however. \"Too much verb!\" they say. And \"Too clean.\" Go figure...

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    >>>\"Too much verb!\" they say. And \"Too clean.\" Go figure...<<<
    I\'m not a great pinanist, when I listen to music, usually to put my ears into the taste of the NONE musician/producer. It would be true that the music what we produce for everyone...I like the way its reverb, that is exactly how the listeners want to, that could be more important...Yes, I want to say that the musician/producer have always had special ears and never been satified.

    >>...the music is not a live recording is the verb...<<<
    To my ears, I think you have done the good jobs for using the reverb into your pinano tracks, even you think that you don\'t have good verbs. At this point, I could be wrong but I see the key is not thing to do with verbs, try to mix it as DRY, you could see it as same way \"too clean\", \"not a live recording\"...it is some kind of computerization feel not a real human feel, that\'s all. The way you\'re playing also is described your personalities, I can tell that, every notes you\'ve played in relaxing...It is a style, might be some other listeners like that ways.
    However, with the better recording card (not SB) and better velocity feels could change the song\'s personalities (not only the reverbs).
    just a thought,

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    That raises the sound card issue. All I use SB for is to get my samples to wave files. The specs are so good (for what specs are worth) that I can\'t imagine another sound card being noticably better in that very narrow respect If I thought for a moment that I was not getting 20-20k flat and distortionless, I\'d consider an alternative. If I\'m talking rot here, by all means, tell me!

    ps. I\'ve compared the sound quality of wave files in my computer through sblive to the original CD on my dayton wright pre-amp, Kef 104s and Mackie monitors... no difference whatsoever.

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    The NFX reverb is a joke. Maybe you can use it for temporary tracks as a convenience but I would not use it in any final track. I usually route an AUX output of the GigaStudio to an outboard Lexicon MPX100.

    Unfortunately, it does not seem that you can use standard Direct-X plug-ins in Giga.

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    Re: Any thoughts on gigastudio\'s verb?

    I have a sb live and a darla 24 sound card in my system and although I can\'t say that the SB live is the cleanist card Ive ever heard [around 87 DB signal to noise unwieghted , about the same as the turtle beach Monterery sound card that I used to have , and back in 95 it was considered to be one of the quietest in the $350 price range, but for today\'s specs it\'s fair.]but one thing I was impressed about the SB was the sound quality of it\'s effects ,since the SB is using a 1000 mips processor they can get a great reverb density unmatched by other sound cards Ive heard [for comparison my Darla 24 has a 80 mips processor ].
    I also think the waves Trueverb is a nice sounding softverb.
    I was not impressed with the sound quality of the NFX effects it probably has something to do with the low CPU use of those effects .
    This isn\'t the only factor but you\'ll see a connection between High CPU draining effects and better sound quality .
    Thats why the SB sounds so good ,but with the SBs own DSP , theres no drain on the CPU.

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