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Topic: Is Spectrasonics "Symphony of Voices" worth getting?

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    Is Spectrasonics \"Symphony of Voices\" worth getting?

    I\'ve read some great reviews of this 4 CD set but was wondering what you guys think of it. I heard that there were some problems with the S-Converter reading the akai sounds as \'garbage\' on the \'read me\' text on Gigastudio, but they claim that it has been fixed now. Is this true?
    I\'d just like some input before I spend the 500 bucks on the CDs.

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    Re: Is Spectrasonics \"Symphony of Voices\" worth getting?

    I\'d say \"Yes, definitely.\"

    I\'ve used it now on two Big Finish \"Dr Who\" projects, and together with Siedlaczek\'s Classical Choir, I\'m very pleased with the results.

    I\'d thoroughly recommend it.
    I had no problems with the s-converter, using it sucessfully to convert and combine akai files to .gig files.

    Alistair Lock

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    Re: Is Spectrasonics \"Symphony of Voices\" worth getting?

    I really enjoy working with SOV. I had some problems with the Gigastudio conversion at first, but for some reason it seems to read the partitions fine now, and I have not even upgraded to the beta versions yet.

    I am just about finished with my first choir work in Gigastudio and hope to post it to the users site when I\'m done. If you can ignore the crude composition techniques, you should at least get some idea of what some of SOV sounds like. Also, Ilio has a sample CD with a SOV piece on it that is very nice.

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    Re: Is Spectrasonics \"Symphony of Voices\" worth getting?

    SOV worth it? Absolutely, if you are looking for ethereal choir sounds. I\'ve not had any problems converting, using S-Converter. Go for it!


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    Re: Is Spectrasonics \"Symphony of Voices\" worth getting?

    Ditto. They are beautiful sounds and I had no
    trouble converting them from Akai format to Gigasampler.

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