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Topic: Newbie questions about samples

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    Newbie questions about samples

    I\'m relatively new to samples and sequencing, have played only with soundfonts in SBlive up to now, just got Gigastudio but haven\'t even installed it yet.

    Dumb question 1: How come I keep running across recipes for converting soundfonts to gigas? Granted, some soundfonts are pretty good, but I thought the whole idea of Giga was to use much larger, more realistic sample sets.

    Dumb question 2: Is it possible to control
    the tone color of a sustained note? I\'ve read that \"velocity-switched layering\" allows differently colored samples to be triggered based on variations of velocity, but how about based on variations of volume or expression controllers? Seems to me being able to vary the color of, say, a sustained horn note would be essential to making it sound realistic, but I don\'t think I\'ve seen any how-to\'s on programming samples to respond that way.

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    Re: Newbie questions about samples

    Hi Greg.
    I guess people would convert sound fonts to gigs so that they could keep all of their sample sets in one format and sampling environment.
    It is possible to cross fade layers and you can hook this feature up to whatever controller you want. However, the crossfade sounds exactly like a crossfade and does not really offer a more realistic representation of the instrument. If you\'ve worked with digital audio for a while, you know what a crossfade sounds like and it is wholly unmusical. For example, I was trying to achieve a SFZ using four dynamic levels of a trumpet. I set up the note to crossfade based on breath control (cc#2) and tweeked with the fade types and times. There was always a very artificial sound in that you could hear the different timbres fade up and I could never get it to sound smooth or realisic. I suppose you could try using filters to make the fade in more transparent, but I couldn\'t find any way to do this. Let us know if you achieve better results.

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