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Topic: Worra's Place up again!

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    Worra\'s Place up again!


    The server problems are over, and you can now, again, download the free gigs from Worra\'s Place, (www.worrasplace.com)


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    Re: Worra\'s Place up again!


    Thanks very much for hosting this wonderful site. It\'s a great resource for this newbie Giga-user.


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    Re: Worra\'s Place up again!

    Hi Worra,

    It seems like your site is still having problems. I\'ve tried downloading a few files (by r clicking as instructed). Each time I get a downloading.... screen followed by a \"download complete\" screen. Each time a very small file ~20kb has been downloaded. Upon trying to unzip the file, error messages are presented.

    Thanks for having the files. I really look forward to accessing them.


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    Re: Worra\'s Place up again!

    Strange, just tried it myself and it worked great! You\'re not behind a firewall or anything like that?

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