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Topic: Move GPO samples to different location?

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    Question Move GPO samples to different location?

    Hey, guys.

    Hope life's been treating everyone well.


    As it turns out, it was much faster to just uninstall / reinstall. I had just installed BFD2 and while it's an awesome drum library, it takes quite some time to install 5 DVD. The GPO setup was a download and from my hard drive installation was quite fast. Onward to the next adventure!


    I moved my studio to a new box this weekend and was on automatic pilot when I installed GPO. I have a dedicated hard drive that I put samples on for performance reasons, but wasn't paying attention & installed it on C instead.

    Is there a straightforward way to point GPO (4, Aria engine) to a different location, or do I need to do an uninstall / reinstall?


    Christopher Duncan
    Author of
    Unite the Tribes and The Career Programmer

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    Re: Move GPO samples to different location?

    Hi, Christopher - With the Forum less populated than it used to be, we've been posting technical questions in General Discussion more often now. That's the Forum most people go to, so questions are more apt to be seen.

    Here's the reply to a similar question someone recently had. Chad, a Garritan programmer supplied the info. He says to re-install, or if you're comfortable with editing your Registry, he gives you the steps. Here's a C&P of that post:

    Originally Posted by Mr Rook
    Hi.I am using Windows 7/64.The Aria player is in (x86)Vst plugins folder on C drive.The orchestral samples for GPO are on D drive.This is how it should be but when opened in Live(or stand-alone) Aria says it cannot find the samples.
    Is there a simple step- by-step method of rectifying this other than reinstalling?
    Many thanks.Mr Rook.
    Hi Mr Rook,
    The safest way would be to re-install GPO4 with custom settings to select the new destination you wish to keep your samples. I'd advise going with this solution.

    However, if you feel comfortable editing your registry you can perform the following:

    - Open Regedit (always make a backup before editing your registry)
    - Navigate to the following folder:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Garritan\Garritan Personal Orchestra

    You should see an entry for sample_dir, edit this to the folder where you moved your samples.

    - Save your changes, and reload GPO4

    Best Regards,

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