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Topic: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

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    Adjust ambience in gigapiano?


    Is it possible to adjust the room ambience/
    reverb/echo on the gigapiano? Or is it
    hardwired into the sound?

    Thanks from a newbie,


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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    Gigastudio has a verb. I don\'t know how good it is, though. Otherwise, if I\'m not mistaken, you\'ve got to use sblive to add realtime, recordable verb. Or, using Gsampler, you can use capture to record and add verb afterwards using whichever plugin you prefer. I think capture plus a plugin may produce, potentially, a litter cleaner verb than sblive. Although you can play with sblive verb to no end and get very professional verb (I think.) http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

    [This message has been edited by john grant (edited 09-13-2000).]

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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    Thanks so much for your reply John. I was actually hoping to DECREASE the ambience in the Gigapiano. I rather infer from your reply that this is probably not an option. I sort of assumed that the ambient sound in the GP is just the studio\'s room ambience and that it was hardwired into the sound. It\'s a great piano sound and I\'m definately not disappointed. I was just hoping for a dryer sound to give more control in placing
    the piano into my pop/rock mixes. Thanks again.


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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    once reverb is recorded its tough or imposible to remove whether from a sample or any other record medium. Thats why many people record tracks dry and add verb in mixdown. You could try this trick with a mixer. Run the gigapiano through a channel and roll off the high end, the high end is where you\'ll hear most of the verb. run that channel into another and add some high end back. Your best bet to get rid of verb it to try and filter it out and add some life back to the sound on the back end. gotta do this by ear if it helps any.

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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    Wow! I thought Gigapiano was pretty dry!

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    The piano up samples do indeed decay w/ little ambience. But the samples in general have a lot of the studio\'s room ambience recorded into the sound. It\'s a very \'live\' sound. I wouldn\'t be suprised if they had a mic somewhere in the room, just recording ambience. I was wondering if it was possible to turn this ambience down?

    It appears not. I\'m not that disappointed. It\'s a very musical instrument. It just sounds like it\'s on a stage in a large room.


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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Wow! I thought Gigapiano was pretty dry!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Wow! You\'re kidding, right? First, we\'re not really talking about \"ambience\" here, in the sense of reverb, but resonance, resulting from using the hold pedal. In the light version of the piano, it is not too bad, but with the full version, using the hold pedal can easily result in \"smudges\". In mixing, it is very difficult to add reverb, successfully to GigaPiano. If you play without using the pedal, then I imagine that it would be a useful sample. Not for me, though, since I do New Age piano. Pedal me, baby!


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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    IF, I think Lawrence is probably right.

    The samples you hear while you hols the sustain peadl are different to the ones you hear without it.

    Each sustain pedal down sample has all the resonance of the piano recorded as well - each one!

    Play an eight note chord with the sustain pedal down and you get eight lots of resonance - not one...

    My suggestion would be to edit the piano patch, delete the \'pedal down\' layers, and only use the four \'pedal up\' samples per note.
    You lose the resonance, but in your case I think that\'s what you want.

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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?


    I think you\'re exactly right. I\'d love to have a version of the piano w/ only pedal up samples. As I\'ve never edited anything in GS, do you have a guesstimate of how long it would take a newbie to figure out such an operation? Any hints on where to start? (I know - read the *&^*!@ing manual - yes, indeed) But any helpful hints would be much appreciated!



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    Re: Adjust ambience in gigapiano?

    As far as programming, I\'m in the same situation as you.

    The bloody manual is only available as \'context sensitive\' which is a major PAIN IN THE *** !!!!

    I\'d love to be able to read this thing when I\'m having a quiet moment away from the PC. (and \'no\', I don\'t want to use two ink cartridges printing the help file).

    As far as the Gigapiano edit is concerned, the way I figure it, every region is set up the same - four pedal up samples, four pedal down samples, and one staccato release sample.

    This is my guess from reading posts.

    GS edit will let you do global edits. I just don\'t know the details.

    I would first select all the regions together by rubber banding them (you might have to zoom out using the slider on the right side of the screen).

    The next bit I don\'t know. How to delete one or a group of layers (the four pedal down layers).

    Once you do this I think you\'ll also have to edit the remaining layers so that they don\'t respond to pedal down by not sounding.

    Good luck

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