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Topic: Official response from DS Soundware

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    Official response from DS Soundware

    Dear readers of this forum,

    We at DS Soundware feel it necessary to respond to the review posted of our library at Sonic Control.

    Over two months ago we very respectfully asked for Ryan at Sonic Control to please not go ahead with the review that he was planning and also asked him to send back the NFR that we had sent him. This was brought on through the trusted advice of accomplished people in the industry. Ryan ignored our wishes even after Sean and myself contacted him several other times. This, to us, is a very unprofessional way to handle business.

    We do not support the review posted by Ryan at Sonic Control in any way: positive or negative. We feel that things were taken out of context, statements were not true, and that the few minor flaws that he found were repeated over and over with the intent on damaging our reputation.

    We do not and can not have faith in someone that in an earlier review could not tell the difference in a pirated cd and a legitimate one even though every sample was the same.

    Also we would like to know what Ryan\'s credentials are to even be reviewing libraries. I don\'t see them posted anywhere. He says in his review that he is an orchestral composer. Ok Ryan, so where did you study? What degrees do you have? Who did you study with? What do you have published?

    For the record we are not complaining because of a less than stellar review. Our issue with Ryan and Sonic Control is that he deliberately ingnored our very repectfull wishes and did what he wanted to do. To us this is no way to do business and therefore illicits this response.


    Donnie Christian
    Sean Lane
    DS Soundware

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    Dear Sean and Donnie!

    With all due respect, I think your problems with Ryan should be dealt with personally. Most of what you are saying is of little relevance to users of this forum.

    I think you are being just as unprofessional as Ryan, by posting this message. I just read Ryan\'s review and found it very informing and useful. I knew the samples were good. Your mp3 demos pretty much proved that. I could still not be sure as what to expect in terms of articulations and playability (even flaws), but I think Ryan did a respectable job clearing this up, thus increasing my interest in buying the library!

    I\'m not sure whether what Ryan did is legal or illegal, but people are entitled to their own opinions and freedom of speech (especially on the internet), so as I see it, Ryan did nothing wrong, except maybe he should have returned your cd, or buy it before he made the review?

    Regarding Ryan\'s credentials I think it is fair to say that the man shows competence in the area and knows what he is talking about. I have read his reviews of other sample libraries (that I own), and fully support his thoughts in most cases. Nowhere in the review of \"Ultimate Percussion\" have I seen anything that could be intended to ruin your reputation. On the contrary, I actually think the review will have a positive impact on your reputation.

    Anyway I always get a little excited in public discussions so don\'t take my words that seriously. I\'m like everyone else on this board... just sharing some thoughts!

    Good luck with the sales, Donnie and Sean! (At least you can consider me a future costumer!)


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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    Donnie & Sean,

    FWIW, Ultimate Percussion is the *very next* sample library I will purchase (as soon as I can argue my wife into parting with the $$$!). The review did nothing to change that, if anything it made me drool even more in anticipation. I guess I can understand why you\'d be upset with the review, but I really expect it will lead more people, not less, to buy Ultimate Percussion.

    Still drooling,

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    I find that the review does tend to go over and over the few flaws in the library. I have found very few flaws compared to other libraries that I have purchased that have had higher marks in their reviews.

    I was suprised when I saw the review for Jinjee\'s Horns giving it high marks. I had purchased this disk and was quite disappointed. Most of the instruments did not sound like solo instruments!!! How could the reviewer miss this? I would question what he hears on the DS Soundware disk!!!

    I love the Ultimate Percussion library and can\'t wait for the supplemental disks to come out.

    It would be nice if some of the string libraries would have the variety for each instrument that this library has.

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    Bill\'s right Donnie,

    On balance, I think that review makes it clear that your (and Sean\'s) library is unparalleled by any other offering. Yes, the reviewer had quibbles with a few errant samples, but he generally put those comments in perspective after making them.

    I think Bill wouldn\'t be the only one drooling after reading that article.

    Besides, nobody would believe a 5/5 100% stellar review anyway

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    Hey Donnie & Sean... relax...

    I agree with Thomas above, you should have kept this discussion private.

    If you\'re going to respond, at least address the substance of the review, and not its author\'s credentials, alleged motives, or business practices.

    Besides, the review was extremely positive - you should be thrilled. It was, to my eye, quite fair.

    You guys have, bar none, the best percussion library out there. I know that from personal use. Had I not I would have bought it anyway based on the reviewer\'s praise.

    So chill. Keep on making great libraries, and I\'ll buy them all.

    - Chris

    P.S. The sample designers on this board seem to be thin-skinned lot... you guys take every little criticism of your soundware way too personally.

    [This message has been edited by Chris Beck (edited 09-08-2000).]

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    I love your library. The flaws are minor. Ryan at Sonic Control does tend to be overly critical, which would be a good thing, if he applied the same standards to everything he reviewed. (most reviews you see are candy-coated) The Jinjees Brass review was more than a little suspicious. The review of my library (Quantum Leap Brass) was quite critical, but apart from the fact that he missed a few of the major points concerning attacks and usability in the context of dynamic orchestral music, it was fairly accurate and thorough. He doesn\'t write the kind of reviews that we are all used to hearing. So everyone go out and buy Ultimate Percussion. It has replaced most of the samples I used to use from the Roland Orchestral Percussion library.

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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    Well I agree with everything written here I DO think he uses an awful lot of space on the few flaws in the library (none of which I had noticed, except for the noise part - there IS some noise on some samples (also the cymbals) but really, it is so little that it is no problem at all when you have the orchestra playing. And even when you use it solo, or \'almost solo\' it sounds wonderful - I\'ve used the timps close-to-solo once. All orchestral recordings seem to have some noise anyway - I call it analogue warmth

    One thing I can\'t understand about the review is that he only gives it 3.5 stars in value - of course it should have 4 or 5 here since it\'s so damn cheap for the quality of samples you get. And yes, Jinjee\'s Horns got 5 stars, oddly - we all know the story about that cd...

    Anyway. Donnie and Sean - you should not let this review get to you. Maybe you should distribute the CD to magazines too (I don\'t know if you\'ve done that) so they can review it? You\'re bound to get great reviews no matter where, which should increase your sales and your motivation to do more projects. Now... you announced some big, interesting project you were being hired for. And you said you\'d reveal what it was next week - that is WEEKS ago! Now TELL us! And.. any news on the timps upgrade CD?


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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    I agree that it looks bad when I had to make the statements that I made. However you guys didn\'t know the whole story. Maybe Sean and I are just \"good ol\' boys\" from the south but to us you should always repect other peoples wishes. We sent several emails to Ryan asking him not to do a review and to send back the NFR (for reasons that I will not go into on a forum) and each time about week later he would respond completely ignoring EVERYTHING that we had said in our emails. It was like he didn\'t even read a word that we said. Do you like to be ignored? Again, to us this was NOT a professional way to handle things.

    To us, as many of you said, it is obvious that he was trying to take some jabs at us by repeating over and over some minor flaws that he found.

    On the subject of credentials I think that they mean everything! Would you want a football coach judging your concert band? Of course not! The same holds true, at least for me, for someone that can\'t hear the difference in a legit and pirated library.

    The point wasn\'t what was in the review. To us, that was really irrelevant. Hell, 90% of it is positive! The reason why we are upset is because our wishes were ignored and we were not treated with ANY courtesy whatsoever. I hope everyone understands that.


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    Re: Official response from DS Soundware

    I agree that it looks bad when I had to make the statements that I made. However you guys didn\'t know the whole story.


    Maybe you should tell us what the whole story is. Don\'t worry about the \'private\' angle because that sample cd review was made for the sample buying public at large. It\'s beyond the private stage at this point.


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