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Topic: A New (Very New) Piece

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    A New (Very New) Piece

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a Piece in the minimalist style that i wrote between last night and this morning. This is Something i'm very proud of. Here is the link:
    It is rendered With:
    Garritan's Duo Pianos (Piano 1, Piano 2)
    Altiverb Enviroment: Disney hall


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    Re: A New (Very New) Piece

    Hi, Quinn - I really like this. Delicate minimalism nicely realized - and it's one of the few times I've noticed someone using the piano duo pre-set from GPO, great!

    7 1/2 minutes is a pretty long playing time, perhaps more than what this piece can really sustain, but I still enjoyed its momentum and mood.

    I notice you still have 2 other posts on the front page here at The Listening Room which you haven't responded to. A good practice is to acknowledge and respond to replies people add to your threads. And it's also good to pace your postings so you leave more room for other folks to get their music up.

    Thanks for the music.


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    Re: A New (Very New) Piece

    Thank you. Like i said, this is something i'm very proud of, something that i didn't even know i could do!
    Once again, thank you.

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