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Topic: Free Synth

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    Free Synth

    The Zebra Synthesizer plugin used by many composers, including Hans Zimmer, has a small free version available.
    Go here to download Zebralette:

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    Re: Free Synth

    Wow- Nice free stuff showing up on the Forum today! Earlier Steve posted two interesting looking stereo-positioning plugins, now we have this free Zebralette - Thanks, Jeff - I'm looking forward to trying it out!


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    Re: Free Synth

    Sonar 8.5 report - Zebra works great!

    I just posted my report on the 3D spatial plugins posted today - I couldn't get either one of those to work in Sonar. But this light version of Zebra is pretty amazing. A lot of pre-sets, lots of controls - impressive! -- "Soundscape" stuff for modern soundtrack work, and juicy stuff at that. Highly recommended.

    Thanks again for posting this, Jeff!


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