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Topic: Best world percussion?

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    Best world percussion?

    Can someone recommend a world percussion set for Giga? I\'d like something really expressive, not just conversions of an old Akai or audio library.

    Bongos, congas, djembes, etc, with several velocity samples.


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    Re: Best world percussion?

    maybe have a look on the Xsample Vol. 09.

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    Re: Best world percussion?


    We will have something out pretty soon. It will be just as extensive as the orchestral library.

    DS Soundware

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    Re: Best world percussion?

    I\'ve been using an extremely great percussion library that I doubt can be beat. Unfortunately, it\'s for the E4. It\'s called the Arthurian World of Percussion and can be ordered through www.alternatemode.com.
    I\'ve never seen it anywhere else and I\'m surprised because I\'ve never heard its equal. It has multi-velocity samples of Asangas, Ashiko, Clay, Conga, Bowls, Pots, Frame drums, Skin drums, Shakers, Talking drums, Wood drums, and all kinds of melodic percussion including Javanese and Balanese gamalan instruments. It was only $150 as well!!
    Check it out if you have an E4. If not, maybe you can get them to sell it to you in the sound font format, I don\'t know.

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    Re: Best world percussion?

    Heart of Africa from Ilio/Spectasonics has some nice samples & converts well from Akai format.



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    Re: Best world percussion?


    check out vrsound.percussion
    very hi quality lots of sampled technique and it\'s available for the Giga Sampler NOW!

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