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Topic: Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements

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    Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements


    I come back to you now to present a piece that I started writing a long-long time ago - I've finally finished it! Here is Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in all its entirety. I've presented parts I and II here before, but now it's going to be all four attacca.

    There is also a backstory, as you would suppose seeing it's a symphonic poem, to support the music. It's just a general outline of what I had in mind when writing it. Feel free to read it, when interested

    Without further ado: Rigid Mist [a symphonic poem in four movements]

    Movement I

    So the beginning is describing a nature setting, a very old forest in the mist of the night, a mist so thick that it has become ’rigid’. It’s very silent, only a slight wind breeze blowing and the light of the luminous moon playing with the shadows. There’s a traveller wandering these old woods and we as listeners follow him along as he witnesses the setting, everything is sleeping, everything’s calm and quiet. Our traveller is taking care not to wake anything from their sleep and dreams. It’s difficult for him to see his way, but he treads carefully on and catches sight of the occasional night-owl - there’s still someone awake here. It frightens the traveller, yet he continues on his way.. suddenly everything is lost for him, he cannot find his way anymore and runs in despair to escape.. but losing his strength in doing so he stumbles and falls down unconscious, without even his hopes or dreams accompanying him. When he wakes up, all the fear and struggles seem to have vanished, it’s not as dark anymore and the first rays of the morning sunlight appear. He gets to his feet and realizes that perhaps fate.. or something else had been keeping watch over him during the night, why else would he still be alive.. then he sees the night departing, saying its farewell as the skies clear up and the mist fades..

    Movement II

    We continue on as the high violin section welcomes the morning. Our traveller is carrying on with his journey and finds a lake in the middle of the forest, so still, so quiet and smooth as a glass and its water purest he’d ever witnessed. The grass is still dewy on the shore as he takes a look far into the horizon, and then into the water, seeing his own reflection. The lake ’recognizes’ the traveller, or something about him. It’s a mutual warm ’feeling’, yet neither can fully comprehend what it really is. Yet the traveller washes his face in the clear water and has to leave.. and then the lake, seeing him depart, saddens and begins to weep.. as the waves from the traveller’s hands which interrupted the stillness of the water begin to fade into the shore, a slight wind helps the lake to push the water into the rocks. The wind gathers speed and it becomes a ’lament for the traveller’ over the lake. Finally, there is a sense of a ’tragic ending’ as the mournful lake really feels the traveller is never to return.

    Movement III

    But our friend continues his journey down into the valleys and up the hills, finally finding a place comfortable enough to rest. He takes off his shoes, sits down on a rock and starts playing a somber, yet peaceful melody on his harmonica. He recalls his past, fond memories... and some forlorn - of a time long gone. Soon a raindrop falls from the sky. And yet another.. as it descends softly on his shoulders and becomes a light downpour.He begins to realize that the reflection he had seen was not actually a reflection of himself, but of his loved one long gone. A sudden burst of pain in the chest reminds him of his longing for her.. he finds himself so hopelessly lost. Not knowing where to go, he gathers his belongings, his strength and embarks on a quest to find his loved one.

    Movement IV

    Travelling far and beyond, over many meadows and uncountable streams, the traveller feels a glimmer of hope in himself, as if everything would turn out somehow.. Seeing the birds fly up high and then in the trees, singing joyfully – he realizes spring has come again. It is a warm and welcoming sight. Having grown old and weary from travelling, he lies down on the meadow, closes his eyes and after a while, falls into an eternal sleep. His soul at peace, he embarks on a final journey, through the clouds and into the sky to be with the one he loves until forever runs out.

    • GPO Flute
    • GPO Oboe
    • GPO Clarinet
    • Harmonica (a free VST I found on the internet, don't really remember)
    • GPO Orchestral Percussion
    • Alicia's Keys Piano
    • NI Session Strings (with the occasional cello solo provided by GPO solo cello, I know that doesn't sound too good, but just didn't have anything else)

    Happy listening !
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements

    Wow, love it.

    Wonderful walking pace with expertly done transitions of mood change. Especially at 9 mins.

    The piano has a beautiful dreamy quality to it. Sounds fantastic.

    You did a fantastic job on the sound production - the only element letting it down is the odd string chord doesn't sound right at times, like that there is a string patch in there somewhere that doesn't belong or isn't blending. I don't know if that is the GPO cello you mentioned - I heard the cello doing it's solo - sounds ok - would be nice to have a more commanding cello sample to take over that part. Is the cello used in the other string parts? Perhaps that was the rogue element I was hearing?

    The woods sound great - and I always said woods were a strength of GPO.

    Overall a beautiful suite of music with a gentle soundtrack style quality and some wonderful touches of tone (such as 13 mins with the low piano chords). Even the harmonica sounds great - not in so much that it sounds perfectly like a harmonica, but you used it well - it sounds good and deserves its place.

    Well worth the time you put into it, I'm sure. This is a favourite of mine now.
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    Re: Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements

    Hello, Brindle - It's a spectacular return to the Forum you've made here. This is a major accomplishment for you - it must feel wonderful to have this piece now complete (as complete as a piece ever really is), after having it in unfinished form for so long.

    It's a gentle and beautiful piece, un-rushed in its unfolding of contemplative moods. Sometimes yearning, sometimes melancholic, sometimes dramatic but never in a bombastic way.

    I hope a lot of Forum members set aside the time to hear this. It's always a cause for some celebration when a particularly rich composition is posted here, and this piece is in that category. This should not only provide some very rewarding listening time for members, but should also be quite an inspiration.

    The topic of blending instruments from various sources has been recently brought up in General Discussion. Your magnificent recording is an excellent example of how well multiple Libraries can work together cohesively. I think sometimes people of less experience fear that it's somehow a big challenge to do this, forgetting that basically all Libraries are collections of samples, and are more apt to work well together than not. It's when a Library has a lot of reverberation ambience recorded with the samples that blending becomes more of a challenge, but of course even that's possible.

    Beautiful video production too, by the way. Excellent work.

    Thank you for an especially inspiring start to my day, and congratulations on your accomplishment.


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    Re: Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements

    Cheers for the feedback, really appreciate it!

    @ Plowking: No, the cello is only used once where the solo is, other than that, no.
    'Music is like this pure thing that exists for its own sake, just to make something perfect..' ~ Ephram Brown

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    Re: Rigid Mist - a symphonic poem in four movements

    And a bravo from me, too. Not my type of music, but definitely a good listen and very well made.
    Wheew, 25 minutes, not an easy one. Had to break it in pieces, did not have a straight half an hour available. Sorry.
    I echo Graham and Randy and their comments about the sound quality. A very good balance and blend. All parts come out of this with full honours and pride.


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