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    to KingIdiot

    Thank you for comprehensive reply. Propably you\'re true some instruments are from Roland JV/XP and from orch.1 card. It\'s from Mechwarrior 2 (Activision), the author is Jeehun Hwang.
    The second example - well these sounds are a bit better than Squaresoft standard sounds, anyway Squaresoft samples aren\'t bad too, but they(Sq.) seems to be mixed and created from various synthesizers or sounds. The second mp3 example is from Lunar Eternal Blue - Noriyuki Iwadare. And it seems to be an entire orchestral library with similar sounds. Well I can say I like very much its sounds, it\'s especially good in track \"Lucia vs Zophar\" (Omni Zophar - I didn\'t post it here) which sounds really great to me. Maybe you\'re true that it don\'t match \"proper\" mixing and usage of the available libraries. But my opinion is that using AOL etc. without any effects (no reverb...) doesn\'t sound too good and isn\'t too usable as well as standard choir libraries. On the contrary I understand with good reverbrator, good mixing etc., they can turn into great sound.
    Well I\'m sure I would be verry hapy with the library used in \"Lunar Eternal Blue\". While the sounds from first mp3 (MW2) example are evidently adjusted with hard effecting or mastering, the Lunar music seems to be less effected - so it seems the sounds are OK and with depth also without effects.

    As you told: \"Tell me and I\'ll ask around in the Video Game music community what they actually used...then I can end the searching for ya\" - I would be very grateful to you, it would be great to find them. There are actually these libraries I\'m very intersted in:
    1. Lunar Eternal Blue - music by Noriyuki Iwadare (mainly orch. instruments, also a very good choir)
    2. Betrayal at Krondor CD version (around 1994) - Jean Paul Moorhead, Sierra (some great usable \"Titanic-like\" orch. snare drums and other percussion, a very good very fast string sections, great acustic guitar, choir..)
    3. Might&Magic 6 - New World Computing, don\'t know the autor now - great atmosphere guitars, Strings, choir, percussion..
    4. newest Squaresfot sounds - they sound good, but you\'re true, they maybe wouldn\'t share, because these sounds are propably only for thier internal purposes. Still a bit interested in MW2 - although it\'s almost solved, there are still some insteresting sounds of which I\'m not sure they are from orch. board - french horn, solo cello, and a lot of really great other percussion (they\'re not in mp3 example, and they don\'t seems to be any Roland)

    If you would find out anything about libraries/synths used especially in points 1, 2, 3, I would be very grateful to you. Especially to find that Lunar Eternal Library would be a heaven.
    Thank you for your interest.

    Still a question about reverbs: What would you recommend for AO, Vitous, SOV etc.? Lexicon PCM 91, TC M3000? What about Lexicon MPX 100? It has an afforable price - around $400 unlike very expensive PCM 91 - around $2000. Is the difference of the quality of reverbs such big? (I also put that question in a topic)

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    Re: to KingIdiot

    yeah I thought the first one was Mech2 ( I was actually in a bid to do that game,....they decided to go with someone else,...and ended up with that crap....it soounds like a heavy metal song written for orchestra! Funny tho,..since they asked me to do heavy metal not orchestral....ugh)). I\'ve Played Lunar, and yeah it did sound familiar. I used to have a friend at Working Designs, so I can try and see if he can hook me up with some Info....tho I\'m not sure I could really find it out for you. As for Betrayal, there aren\'t any guarantees I can find anyone left over from Sierra. M&M6 on the other hand might be the easiest, especially if it was one of the ones done by 3DO (not sure if they still give copyright credit to NWC).

    To my listening the Lunar stuff sounds synthy, and not something they recorded on their own (but of course they sampled on their own). I haven\'t messed with Kurtzweil oechestral sounds much so they may have an inkling of that in them. Remember that with Vid game music, they are VERY limited in memory space, so they tend to REALLY REALLY REALLY edit sounds to make their own \"instruments\". The effects are added in during the sample creation. so even if you did find out what samples/synths they used, there would have to be heavy editing doneand REALLY REALLY good processing done,..not to mention hard core development of the MIDI sequence. In game MIDI playback requires ALOT of Sound Design skills, and a lot of tricks.


    but it is also the way you use the reverb, You can\'t jsut addd reverb to a two track sequence and expect it to sound real. Its about placment in the \"room\" that you create with Reverb and about how the instrument sounds when its in a hall...all other kinds of issues as well. the better the reverb unit the less hassle you have to do to make it sound good...and in some cases, you\'re able to achieve reverb qualities that can only be beat by recording the instruments in an actual Concert Hall.

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    Re: to KingIdiot

    Yes, \"heavy metal song written for orchestra\", that\'s accurate. But I must say I like that soundtrack, It\'s just like.... a heavy metal played by orchestral instruments Especially percussion (not in posted example) are very interesting, and I don\'t know from what synth they are.. (they sound very strong)

    Wow that would be really great if you find out something about those musics!
    About Lunar - there are several games of this serie, and I know some of the games sound very synthy. I\'m sure Lunar Eternal Blue soundtrack has the best library of all Lunar games. Although I didn\'t play the game, I\'m not sure if the music in the game is the same as on CD soundtrack. I like especially track \"Lucia vs Zophar - the final battle\" also sometimes named Omni Zophar - I reccomend it to listen - It sounds great to me - I don\'t mean only the quality of sounds but really amazing music composition. I\'m not sure if they used the same library on older Lunar games, I think they propably didn\'t. But anyway also Eternal Blue maybe will sound synthy to you.
    Btw. what\'s that Vid game music system? Why\'s it so memory limited? Wich games did it use?
    Again thanks for your interest. It sounds great to me that maybe you would be able to find info about Might&Magic 6 music libraries and others - yes I think you are true it was made by 3DO and not by NWC. I liked those sounds - they\'re a bit synth and silent, but sweet..
    Lunar Eternal Blue doesn\'t seem to me like some very-much-memory size limited samples, but maybe it is..
    Again, if you find out what samples are used in those games, it would be great.
    I\'m looking forward to any messages about it. Thanks.

    So Lexicon MPX100 isn\'t too good? Nor distinctly better than Gigastudio NFX, SB Live Concert Hall or TC Native reverb? Doesn\'t exist anything very very good under $500?

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    Re: to KingIdiot

    Many people think Reverb is just a decaying wash effect. Truely the best reverbs effects (for orchestra) are ones that recreate not only the characteristics but the actual character of halls. This can only be done with units that have extremely good algorithms and very fast and good chipsets. The newest Sony Acoustic Modeling reverb unit soudns like its would be a dream for people that don\'t have Sonic Foundary\'s Acoustic Mirror. Cheaper reverb units jsut don\'t have \"character\", they jsut add decays with a standard set of EQs to make it sound different. While some are better than others, they jsut don\'t compete to the sounds of the more expensive reverb processors.

    \"Vid Game Music systems\" was reffering to the sound limitations of console systems like Playstation, and Dreamcast, and also things like DLS banks for the PC. There are Memory limitations involved when working with these types of systems.

    To get a sound similar to what you like from Lunar I\'d suggest working with many GM banks from Roland and Yamaha, and actually sampling the sonds and filtering them in sound editing software with reverbs and EQs, then making instruments in iga with varied attacks and decays. this is what most video game Sound designers do with similar sounds. Actually Yamaha has a contract agreement that can be signed by Freelance Video Game musicians that allows them to sample Yamaha GX sounds for use in video games.

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    Re: to KingIdiot

    So I\'ve definitivly found out what was used on Lunar Eternal Blue, I asked the composer. As I excepted they are all orchestral sample cds, not space limited samples.
    Still I\'m very interested to find out Might&Magic 6 and the others.

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    Re: to KingIdiot

    New World Computing is now a subsidiary of 3DO. So NWC still does the development, I\'m trying to get ahold of someone for you, but I can\'t guarantee and answer

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