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Topic: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

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    Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody


    following up an earlier post about the quality of orchestral samples, we have decided to put our amateur vibrato flute onto the web as freeware for everybody.

    See http://www.worrasplace.com. I just uploaded the 7.4 Meg Gigafile, it might take Worra some time to put it into his directory.

    The idea of this Amaflute was to try out, how difficult it is to produce a natural sounding expressive flute with very amateur equipment and efforts, as we were not too happy with commercial products.

    It is now up to you to evaluate or just use this instrument, if you like it. It took us 2x1,5 hours to record it, 2,5hrs to cut the samples and build the instrument, 30 minutes to tune it and 3 hours to loop the samples.

    We recorded with two old amateur sennheiser mics, an old Superscope-cassette-recorder as mic-preamp and a Soundblaster AWE64 Gold as A/D. We sampled C-Major with 16bit/44.1khz with Sample-Wrench in our living room.

    Sorry if you find any noise or distortion problems due to our limited equipment.

    Still we think, that some of the samples could be better as my girlfriend, the artist, remarked. But maybe we will work on that later...

    Use this flute best for tender, expressive solos with vibrato in the pp to mf range.
    You might improve its legato-response if you cut the natural attacks.

    I´d like to encourage everybody to produce amateur samples as freeware, like our Amaflute - it is simpler than you think!
    What about a nice and tender Clarinet ?

    Any comments are well appreciated and might be put here or onto our E-Mail (see File-Info). Also recordings that use Amaflute.

    Please use it strictly as freeware, i.e. no commercial use, no reselling of either parts or the whole.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    have not seen the flute at Worra´s yet, though uploaded. Maybe Worra is too busy ?

    Does anyone know another official site where free gigs are usually being put into ? I don´t want you to wait any longer.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    Thanks Lougheed, I had a look there but I did not like the disclaimer which allows NSS to everything with it what they want and for example I do not want it to be resold.

    Also this NSS-site is extremely slow for me.

    I wrote a Mail to Worra, hoping, that it attracts some attention.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody


    This site, Nothern Sounds, has an area for uploading user created .GIG\'s.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody


    the flute in now available!

    See www.worrasplace.com

    Comments always welcome.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Horst:

    the flute in now available!

    See www.worrasplace.com

    Comments always welcome.

    How to I convert this gig instrument file to individual .wav files without GS or S-convertor software? Shareware or others reccomendations welcome.
    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    The flute sounds very nice!!!
    Unfortunately, it\'s unuseable due to the humming associated with some of the notes. I think it\'s due to the SB card you used. If you had used more professional quality inputs for the incording, the .gig would\'ve been very useable!
    Thanks for your efforts!

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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    I concur with poncho. Very nice first effort. There\'s that audible \'buzz\' noise in the lower-register but overall the tone of samples is sweet. I guess after spending hours putting together this one giga file you develop an appreciation of how hard it is to make orchestral samples. Imagine having to not only record the samples you did but in at least three different velocity levels, 3xarticulations, 2xtremolo/non-tremelo, etc... There\'s also sample editing and (if required) looping to look forward to..wow.. soooo much.


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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody

    I liked this flute and it is definitely usable.Thank you Horst for your efforts.
    Are there longer length wavs available
    because some were only a few seconds?
    Please consider sampling something else and
    posting that gig to Worra\'s place.
    Best regards,

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    Re: Amaflute - a free vibrato flute for everybody


    thank you very much for your comments. I am happy that you like our Amaflute.

    Concerning the length of the samples: It is very difficult for a player to hold a constant tone much longer than 5 seconds. Usually after 5 seconds, when breath gets weak, pitch and volume change. This makes it impossible to loop the sample afterwards.

    So when you get fine 4 seconds with a smooth loop, you have indeed a very good sample.

    I just bought XSample Woodwinds. The loops here (e.g. Oboe) are usually not longer than 2 seconds. Anyway they are very nice, as in most performances you only use the first second or so. If you have a very long note and you have an excellent loop afterwards, it really does not matter.

    We might be doing a Version 2 of Amaflute and will want to exchange two notes with a slight buzz as well as two notes in the lower register, that sound a bit strange. Let´s hear other feedback.

    Concerning another instrument: My friend only plays the flute. If anyone would come over saying. Hey, let´s do my clarinet - I would be very happy to record it and put it onto the web.


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