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Topic: Need Flute Sample

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    Need Flute Sample

    I\'m looking for excellent sounding flute .GIG\'s. I do not want the sample to include vibrato, but would like to be able to add vibrato, as needed. Most, if not all of the flute samples I\'ve come across have vibrato going the whole time - which makes the flute sound unnatural.

    I\'ve yet to come across a real live flute player who plays that way!

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated.

    Lawrence Lougheed

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    Re: Need Flute Sample

    Does nobody out there use any flutes?

    I\'m still waiting for some sound advice (sorry) about flute sounds for GigaStudio.

    I have been using the Ebony Flute from (Sweetwater\'s) Stratus Sounds - Classical Instruments (Kurzweil), but we\'re mixing my project, and it just isn\'t working properly.

    So, I\'m looking for suggestions!



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    Re: Need Flute Sample

    Hi Loughheed,
    you can find a beauty bass flute on the Xsample Library (CD02). You can get a demo: http://www.bestservice.de http://www.xsample.de


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