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Topic: Twilight Dream (Steinway improv )

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    Twilight Dream (Steinway improv )

    "Twilight Dream"
    Michael John (aka MikeInFL)

    A short piano improvisation (with a few edits) using Garritan Steinway, using Sonitus reverb:



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    Re: Twilight Dream (Steinway improv )

    "Twilight Dream" is a very lovely, soft and personal improv piece with some pretty shifts in tonal center that I enjoyed. Nice, Mike - I enjoyed hearing this very much.


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    Re: Twilight Dream (Steinway improv )

    Mike! This piece has so much continuity especially for an improvised performance. Really very nice. I agree with Randy about the tonality changes. They added much interest to the overall sound.
    Thanks for letting us hear this. Jay

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