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Topic: "Malmsjö Acoustic Grand" Web Site

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    \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    I have just published a website with information and demos for the \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\". Please visit the link below:

    Thanks, Hans

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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site


    I have tried to download the MP3\'s, so that I can add reverb, as suggested at your site. However, for some reason I can\'t download the files, only stream. Makes it impossible to add reverb.

    Also, please provide an email address so folks can contact you directly.

    I really liked what I\'ve heard so far, but I want to hear the demos with reverb!

    BTW, the price listed is VERY reasonable.

    I\'m looking forward to the release.


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site


    You can reach me directly by clicking my name in the lower right corner of the main page. I am a novice when it comes to website creation, but I\'m going to figure out a way so that the files can be downloaded and not just streamed.


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    I could download the MP3\'s (and add reverb). I clicked (two times with the left or one time with the right side of the mouse) on the blue/yellow field (with the information of the size of the file in MB). Then a \"field\" (menue) opens:
    (a) open the file b) download (and to which directory).
    The demos are fine!


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    Well, I\'m using Internet Explorer 5 and normally right clicking brings up the download menu, but not at this site. When I click (or right click), Windows Media Player immediately starts to run, and plays the file.

    I just checked at Sam\'s site (to make sure nothing has gotten corrupted on my system) and right clicking brings up the download menu, as usual.

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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    I also had trouble downloading the MP3 files- I think this is because the web page runs an \'applet\' to play the MP3\'s (instead of a direct web link for downloading).

    If you use the following URL to access the MP3 source page, you will be able to download all the MP3\'s:

    (in case this site censors web links, I\'ve listed the link again below- just substitute the \'/\' and \'.\' signs:


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site


    I have been spending a great deal of the evening trying to find a solution. This will work for now. I would like to add this: To download the file and not just stream it - rightclick on the title and select \"save target as\", and you will be able to save the Mp3 to disk.


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    I have added a new \"Demo Download\" page now where Mp3\'s can be downloaded. Just rightclick on the preferred file size and choose: \"save target as...\"


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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    Hans, I LOVE that sample! (Although I\'m not keen on the midi files). Just one quibble. You MUST encode at 128 Kb/s. You are doing your sample a terrible injustice encoding the midi at 98 kb/s!!!!

    I can promise you that I\'ll DEFINITELY be making use of your instrument to record the WTC.

    John Grant http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/42/john_lewis_grant.html

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    Re: \"Malmsjö Acoustic Grand\" Web Site

    In a case like this were fidelity is important 160 or even 256 bp/s is even better.

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