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Topic: Miroslav Mini Disk or Ultimate Strings?

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    Miroslav Mini Disk or Ultimate Strings?

    Can someone provide a comparison between these two discs, as far as the strings samples go? I don\'t really care much about the other stuff.
    I\'m about to buy Ultimate Strings from soundsonline since there\'s 20% off this weekend, which would bring the usuall $359 price to $288. Please respond as soon as possible since this ends Sunday.
    I already have AO but am looking for smoother, warmer sounding strings, as well as samples that would enable me to play fast runs realistically. I read the sonic control review of Ultimate Strings and it looks good, but would like input from others here, since I\'m sure there are people out there using it regularly.


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    Re: Miroslav Mini Disk or Ultimate Strings?

    I have the Miroslav Mini Library, and I like the string sounds that are on there. The problem is that I find I need more variety on attacks and releases and there\'s no con sordino, tremolo, etc. I haven\'t heard the Ultimate set, so I can\'t compare. Also, I\'m a newbie at this, so maybe I really don\'t have a clue what I\'m talking about anyway.But, I just know that for my purposes, the string sounds on the Miroslav are very useable, just limited. (In addition, I think the trumpet on the Miroslav is unuseable.)

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Disk or Ultimate Strings?

    Well, if you buy the mini then you get other instruments like brass, timpani, woodwinds. If you don\'t want those then The ultimate strings works well.
    I have both Mini and Ultimate. The Mini doesn\'t have a wide range of attacks but the sound is gorgeous. the ultimate has more variety of attacks and some really nice sounds all around. The ultimate is a dryer sound except for the European strings recorded.
    You can\'t go wrong with the Ultimate collection. But when you got the bread add some Miroslav - they\'re really gorgeous!!!

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    Re: Miroslav Mini Disk or Ultimate Strings?

    Thanks guys!
    Looks like I\'ll go ahead and get the Ultimate Collection. Maybe eventually I\'ll get the Mini Disc too, but for now I\'d prefer the one with more variety.

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