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Topic: Please contact MakeMusic about the Garritan contest voting not working

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    Please contact MakeMusic about the Garritan contest voting not working

    UPDATE: MM has been working hard to fix the new problems that came up today. I can see that they've done a lot, and things are working well now. Links work, people can vote, and they've been slowly going through to delete multiple votes that came from single computers. I think it's probably as good as it can get now--Hopefully the fixes will hold until this over.

    BUT voicing displeasure to MM is still a legitimate and needed thing to do. They blew it from day one when they decided round one would be voted on this way - it's really makes a mockery of the kind of thing they're supposed to stand for.

    Yesterday voting started on the Garritan/MakeMusic contest being held on Facebook. MM soon halted the voting when they discovered "irregularities."

    Today they started the voting again - BUT it's been proven that the voting mechanism is still broken. As a test, a Forum member tried and was able to vote for his entry SIXTY THREE times. When he gave these results to MM he was told all was fine and they wouldn't be doing anything more. He theorizes that the bogus votes will be sorted out when the contest is over. There's no guarantee that's the case.

    PLEASE use the contact form at MakeMusic to alert them --Tell them you know the voting is broken and you don't want to see MM and Garritan go through with this embarrassing contest as it's currently being run.

    You don't have to be a Finale user to be registered at the MM site. Just sign up so you can access the support page. Here's where you fill out your complaint. THIS WORKS - A real live human being replied to me when I used this form yesterday:


    We must flood them with complaints--They HAVE to look into this again.

    Please take a few minutes and help out. You have to choose categories for your message - It worked when I just chose Finale>2012>Windows, and said I didn't have a serial number. Your message will go through - it will be read.


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    Re: Please contact MakeMusic about the Garritan contest voting not working

    NEW POST from MakeMusic at Facebook - They acknowledge that things have still been messed up today. They're trying to go through all the votes to throw out the bogus ones. They're adding more capacity to their servers:
    Dear contestants and voters,

    Unfortunately, we have again been experiencing errors in the voting system and contest pages. From all appearances, it would seem that this is largely due to the unanticipated and overwhelming response to the contest and to voting. And that has spiked our web servers, and caused them to respond slowly or not at all.

    In turn, this led to votes not being tallied correctly. Fortunately, we are able to filter out multiple votes from the same user on the same day, and the vote count tallies on some contest entries are being corrected. This seems to have affected 7 contest entries, and accounts for less than 1% of all votes cast today.

    In response, we have doubled our web server capacity for this contest, and added in additional coding logic to catch these sorts of voting errors.

    So, bad news and good news. Bad that we have had to face these voting problems again, but good that the contest is seeing such enthusiasm.

    Voting will continue today and go through until next Thursday, March 22, at 12:00 noon ET, as planned.

    We are deeply sorry about these continued technical problems today, and we wish all contestants the best of luck!

    My thoughts-- This is encouraging. I still feel they need to receive as many messages as possible from those of us concerned about the reputations of both Garritan and MakeMusic.


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