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Topic: vibe demo/announcement

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    vibe demo/announcement

    Hello everyone!

    We just uploaded a new vibe demo playing Debussy\'s Clair de Lune. It is a really pretty piece, as many of you know, and really shows off the musicallity of these vibes. Feel free to give us any iput you might have.

    Also in the next week we will have a major announcement about a future library that I\'m sure everyone will be VERY interested in. (now how\'s that for a tease??


    DS Soundware

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    Re: vibe demo/announcement

    Donnie, where do I find the demo?


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    Re: vibe demo/announcement

    It should be posted very soon in the \"user demos\" section of this site. Look under percussion. There are already several demos there and this latest one should be up soon.


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    Re: vibe demo/announcement

    You can find the demo here. http://northernsounds.com/demos/

    Excellent work again donnie \"is it real or memorex\"

    PaPa Chalk

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