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Topic: Building acoustic essentials drum kit

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    Building acoustic essentials drum kit

    I know this was addressed in the past but I couldn\'t find it in the archive. Does anyone have some step by step instructions on how to build a custom drum kit from the single drum gigs in the Acoustic Essentials CD?
    I know to most of you this is probably obvious. I find GS documentation impenetrable, which is probably 70% my brain and 30% the actual documentation. Anyway, if anyone has a minute, I\'d be greatly appreciative.

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    Re: Building acoustic essentials drum kit

    I have the AE CD, and I have actually used the drum kit a little bit (with very pleasing results... nice work AE). But I\'ve used it on some of my more simplistic acoustic arrangements that use more live recorded sound than sampled sound. Therefore, I haven\'t needed more than 16 channels in GSt. I previously used the \"levels\" feature in GigaSampler to combine the drum samples into one MIDIU channel, and when I converted to GSt, I noticed that Ports 1,2,3 and 4 were linked. This has worked well for me, but it may not work for you if you require more than 16 channels for your arrangement. To solve that problem, you\'ll need to use the instrument editor to create a new gig file, or just simply program each different instrument on a different MIDI channel. HTH


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