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Topic: beginner stuff...

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    beginner stuff...

    just some, very beginner (which i still am), stuff i did with GPO and GWI. nothing special, just wanted to share. none of them are mastered properly - though they should not be, imo. they are just for fun, per say.

    more new-age type sounds. i like a lot of new-age music.

    http://www.box.com/s/a574caf7aff464988c84 (quiet)
    http://www.box.com/s/01c262f86b0d2044b952 (loud)
    http://www.box.com/s/cf854a602938e2919b71 (loud)

    just feelings - no thoughts, etc. - just feelings

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    Re: beginner stuff...

    thank you Randy. they should be working now? all the best to you and your music.

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    Re: beginner stuff...


    --What was wrong with the Box MP3s before, making them not play?

    --Were any Garritan instruments used in these?

    --Are the sound sources for these recordings totally generated by you?


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    Re: beginner stuff...

    1. not entirely sure - a permission setting - i only disabled the download but it seemed to disable the ability to listen too?

    2. yes. all Garritan sounds except the guitar - that is my epiphone les paul.

    3. yes. each instrument was played in realtime, by me. i left the midi settings the same and only used mod-wheel and keyswitches.

    thanks again Randy.

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    Re: beginner stuff...

    Hello again, Preston - Thanks for replying to my questions from last night. You've done some really interesting stuff here, way beyond "beginner stuff"--Thanks for posting.


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    Re: beginner stuff...

    Each of these are interesting seeds of ideas. They need a little bit of germinating and development to become complete pieces of music. I like what I hear but I would like to hear more.

    You have a definite new-age feel to these pieces.
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    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: beginner stuff...

    thank you for your kind words, Randy and Rich - they are very much appreciated. and, sorry for the delay in my response, .

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    Re: beginner stuff...

    Hey Preston - sound really nice soundscapes here. They certainly could be expanded into full textured soundscapes rather than just little thoughts. The overall reverb and sound is great. Number 2 is fantastic - love those flute tones.

    I'm in the middle of a small 'soundscape' contest (Brain Eno type stuff) and these expanded would have certainly had a place there.
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    Re: beginner stuff...

    Thank you Plowking – I enjoy your music, also. Particularly your work with LotR. I appreciate your kind words. I do like a lot of the soundscape writing I have heard – it is flowing with feelings of pleasantness, thoughtfulness, mindfulness, meditative, etc. I have heard the name Brian Eno, though am unfamiliar with his work – will definitely have to look into it.

    To be honest the piece I like the most is “littletinythoughtaboutmusic1”. Why – I am not entirely sure? I guess I like it because of the feelings it presents. It reminds me of ancient mystics sitting in a cave surrounded by music questioning thoughts of the 'supernatural', etc. Also, it does not follow any patterns, form, structure, etc. (as far as I can tell) and is just based around my thoughts about feelings/music/emotion.

    I guess the pieces are better than I gave them credit for – it is just that music is such a complex, diverse, subjective, etc. subject that I get quite confused regarding it!

    Thanks again, truly. All the best.

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