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Topic: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

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    Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

    I need some Chinese instruments, but I need license-free, since the samples will be saved as Soundfonts and bundled with a game for which I\'m composing music.

    This bundling violates most sample licensing agreements, which generally specify that samples cannot be redistributed \"naked.\"

    Any have some sources? They can be any format, but Soundfont is the most convenient, since that will be the final form.

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP


    Have you tried http://thesoundsite.ismi.net/ ? Loads of free sound fonts there, including I think some Chinese instruments. The quality is highly variable, mostly not so good, but there are a few usable ones.


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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

    Months ago I downloaded free chinese sf2. from the Soundblaster site.

    I can\'t remember exactly where they were loacated but there is a section on the Creative website with free sf2

    I downloaded 10+ Chinese instruments.

    I\'m not sure if they are copyright free.

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

    Hey mitchb2,

    I do Playstation and Playstation2 games, and anytime I had to do samplign there was a lot of compression going on , so I\'ve been generally able to work out deals with sample distributers regarding the use of their sounds. However, I haevn\'t done any PC games yet. I\'m possibly going to get into doing some in the future, but I know the issues regarding using samples, or even Keyboard samples, as SFbanks and DLS sets are abundant. I haven\'t found a good place on the net that deals with samples that are SURELY copyright free. Tho http://www.samplenet.co.uk/
    has been a good place for what seem to be copyright/royalty free samples. Have you found any good places with generally free samples? Ones that you are sure of as not being copied samples from CD libraries? I\'m starting to build my own smaller banks of intruments Ive sampled on my own, and am thinking of expanding it into bigger Giga libraries at some point.

    Another thing to check out is Yamaha\'s site where users of thier keyboards can use the sounds iin games, after signing a form. You may be able to get some of the sounds you are looking for through that.

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP


    Thanks...I\'ll check out Samplenet.

    No, I stay away from the \"free\" stuff on the net. People crack me up...they think just because they don\'t know where something came from, it\'s therefore \"free.\" I saw a site the other day with Emu\'s soundfonts on there, listed as \"Free Sounds!\".

    I got some info from Sonic Implants...they have a multi-tiered licensing arrangement for redistribution of samples (for developers), but didn\'t give prices. The stuff sounds pretty good, though, as far as Soundfonts go.

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

    Mitch, just FYI, the Chinese sound fonts at thesoundsite (and many of the others there)came from the large set of sound fonts originally distributed by Creative royalty-free when they first introduced SBLive. The same files are still available at http://www.soundblaster.com/goodies/soundfonts/chinese/ .

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP

    Agree mitch,

    I also talked to the people at Sonic Implants, Jennifer..something I think. I forget now. Its definately set up for Developers and their dstribution issues. It doesn\'t really help Freelancers like me, so having friends that play have unique instruments become \"best friends\" at times for me

    I want a REALLY REALLY good Shakuhatchi to sample with some slurs and stuff.


    Is there a place that speaks about the Samples and their Royalty status? As well as re-distribution legal issues?

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    Re: Need Chinese instrument samples ASAP


    Well, when Creative first released these sound fonts, there was a bunch of text on the download page about how they were royalty-free (if I remember right). I don\'t see that text any more. Guess you\'d have to contact Creative to make sure about it.

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