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Topic: Conexaant GM 500 reconsidered

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    Conexaant GM 500 reconsidered

    Okay, if I diss a piece of gear or software in public and later find my opinion changing, I like to post a reconsideration. Here goes: When I first got the conexant GM 500 library, I felt lukewarm disappointment. I guess I was expecting breathtaking, hyperealistic samples, and what I got instead was a fairly decent GM set on par with most midrange sound modules.

    Now that I\'m getting heavily into working with this stuff, I\'m really digging it. It has some enormous advantages. The tones are strong, full and clear, extremely even, not often spectacular but very workable, incredibly consistent from sample to sample which makes mixing with them a real pleasure. They play very well, which is a big plus for me because I\'m an inexperienced sample editor. In fact, some of the more character-ful higher end samples I\'ve worked with have been more of a problem to perform on. So for people like me on the low side of the GS learning curve, this can be a life saver.

    Right now, I\'m having great experiences with the clarinet, the vibes, and a couple of other sounds. The more I hear them, the more I think they\'re very...solid. Comparable but generally a bit better than the sounds on my Korg NS5R and Alesis QS 8. Unlike the presets on those, the GM 500 sounds, of course, are not drenched in effects. And their good strong tones.

    The sound good, and they \"sit\" very well. If you\'re an expert editor, I\'m sure you can address acute issues of realism.

    My good deed is done. I recommend this set, especially for people not fully fluent in sampler/synth programming, and especially at the approx. $120.00 price.

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    Re: Conexaant GM 500 reconsidered

    I *love* my GM500 library. So far I\'ve only used a few of the patches, but they have worked *very* well. I\'ve found that you can get some incredible sounds out of them using FX. Try the Classical Guitar with a heavy dose of the SuperChorus preset on the Chorus NFX effect. It sounds *wild*. I also like the pads a lot. Some of the sounds are disappointing, but I\'ve found them on average to be very good. I think the drum kit is, on the whole, outstanding, and it alone is worth the price of the CD.


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