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Topic: Tchaikowsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture

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    Tchaikowsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture

    For any Tchaikowsky fans, here is my render on GPO/Aria of his fantasy overture of 'Romeo and Juliet'. This arrangement is based on Maurizio Salvi's superb midi file:


    Forgive the hubris of adding the applause at end, it sounded odd to hear this piece end without it.

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    Re: Tchaikowsky's Romeo and Juliet Overture

    Hi, L0W - It's great to see you posting music. And your rendition of this Overture is lovely. I really like this music, so you had my attention even before I downloaded the MP3.

    --side note about that - It sure would be great if you could use Box or some other free online service that plays an MP3 immediately. I had to do a 2 minute download, which is fine, but would stop some people from listening.

    There are some typical notation-generated issues with this. The dynamics are overly tame, and the tempo too absolute, the quantization of notes too obvious. Fast passages are maybe the most problematic, with the attacks not sharp enough to carry them.

    But I admire the work you've put into this, and enjoyed listening very much.


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