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Topic: Bigga Giggas statement #2

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    Bigga Giggas statement #2

    August 8th, 2000 Bigga Giggas has now completed proper royalty compensation
    to Best Services regarding the Jinjee\'s Horns and Jinjee\'s Strings titles.
    Since these titles are no longer sold by Bigga Giggas, both companies now
    consider this matter as resolved in an equitable manner. Best Services will
    continue in their capacity as the authorized distributor of all current and
    future Bigga Giggas titles in central Europe.
    We wish to express our thanks to Klaus Kandler of Best Services for his help
    in resolving this unfortunate episode.
    If anyone has questions around things concerning this matter, please contact us at: biggagiggas@biggagiggas.com
    Thank you,
    Per Larsson Bigga Giggas Europe
    John Thomas Bigga Giggas U.S.A.

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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    It is great to read that this unfortunate episode is being resolved in this manner. Many thanks to Klaus Kandler/Best Service.


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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    I second that sentiment. This is a small industry and we need all the creative individuals we can get to contribute to it.
    Again, thanks to Best Service for taking a conciliatory approach.

    I\'d say everyone here is very glad to here that Biggas Giggas lives

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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    To help you get over it...what\'s your next GS project?

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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    Hi Elle

    Our next release will be a Hammond L100 Organ
    It\'s now in final betatesting and will probably be released within 1 month.
    It\'s going to be a gigastudio version where you, from the Midi Control Surface can control the volume on all nine drawbars + 2nd & 3rd percussion individually. All notes have been sampled for around 20 seconds and are looped after around 15 seconds.

    We are also scheduled to sample drums and Dobro guitars, and we are planning to sample both horns and strings to cover the cd\'s that we \"lost\".

    Essential Sounds have just released a Blues Harmonica cd wich comes in both a Gigastudio & Wav format and Post Audio Media are working on a Gigastudio version of the highly acclaimed Church organs.

    Any suggestions for things to sample?


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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    Any suggestions for things to sample?


    Why not sample a good sounding electric guitar?


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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    Or why not a heavy-distorted swedish key-fiddle? been looking for one without success.

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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    Key-fiddle... you mean \"Nyckelharpa\"?
    Actually, I just heard of a friend to a friend that\'s supposed to be very good at playing that, but distorted...????

    About guitar, what would be prefered, loops in different styles, if so, wich? Or just plain note per note sampled guitar?


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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    How about a nice harpsicord . Also bag pipes would be nice.

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    Re: Bigga Giggas statement #2

    How about a Clavinet sampled so that the muting can be changed on the fly?


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