RMX's Edit Buffer seems cumbersome when working with tonal loops. I have for instance a bunch of tonal loops which I want to assign to the correct root key but this is awkward to do-the workaround seems to be to fill up the suite with a bunch of "any old elements" to give me more keys to work with -however, I'm left with a bunch of "junk" Elements even after I've move the ones I want to the correct keys. It would be better if the "virtual keyboard" could always be fully available, not just when Elements are added to the Edit Buffer.

Also, combining Suites is not possible-you can copy a complete suite into the Edit Buffer, but once that's done, you can then only add individual elements to the Edit Buffer one at a time I think. A bit cumbersome. It would be a real timesaver if you could just keep adding complete Suites into the Edit Buffer until it is full. Or is there another way to acheive this result?