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Topic: AO Solo Strings

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    Re: AO Solo Strings


    For what it is worth, I split the long note into one or more separate notes and make sure that legato patches are being used (except for possibly the first note). The gaps between the notes are noticeable, of course, so I create a second MIDI track, also playing the same samples. I then place a note on the second track at each gap, to cover it up. Then, by adjusting the MIDI volume controller, it is just about possible to crossfade between the concurrent notes (i.e. reducing the volume at the gaps). It takes a lot of experimenting, and is only worth doing for exposed notes.

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    AO Solo Strings

    I’m wondering if others are using the solo strings from AO, and if so, how they are copping with the short length of the sustained samples. For instance, in the Cello, the sustained F legato is only 1.6 seconds; about a doted quarter in a slow tempo. Not exactly useable for that long peddle tone!

    Anyone finding work arounds?

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