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Topic: Vibe Example

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    Vibe Example

    I have just done a small arrangement of Venus from the Planets to demo the first two mallets that we have finished editing. The example is recorded straight from finale with the capture feature in gigastudio. No effects whatsoever were used in this demo. This is \"dry\" midi. The instruments used in this example are:

    Medium vibes mallets
    Hard vibes mallets
    Medium hard plastic mallets glock (from Ultimate Orchestral Percussion)
    Soft chime mallet (from Ultimate Orchestral Percussion)

    Needless to say I am very pleased with how these first two mallets have turned out and I am anxious to get the rest edited. The rest of the .gig\'s will include:

    Hard mallets (2 velocities) pedal up and down
    And two vibrato speeds (also at two velocities)
    Medium mallets (2 velocities) pedal up and down. And two vibrato speeds (also at two velocities)
    Soft malletss (2 velocities) pedal up and down. And two vibrato speeds (also at two velocities)

    Glisses, resonator scrapes, and ethereal sounds

    Let us know what you think.



    PS-I just uploaded it (10:34) cst so it may be awhile before it\'s up.

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    Re: Vibe Example

    O.K., where can we hear it?

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    Re: Vibe Example

    It can be found in the user demo\'s of this site.


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    Re: Vibe Example

    I just finished the soft mallet slow vibrato gig and hope to have something posted soon. We really would like some feedback on the demo we posted in the \"user demos\" area if anyone gets a chance.



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