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Topic: AO or Ultimate strings?

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    AO or Ultimate strings?

    Can anyone compare the Ultimate Stings Library to the strings in AO?

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    Re: AO or Ultimate strings?

    Hi steve,

    I had the same question a month ago. Here is a reply I got from a user.

    \"As far as strings this is my take. I really like the AO strings. I like because of the patch switching at the bottom of the keyboard. This makes things very convient in composing. The Ultimate Strings are an industry standard so you can\'t go wrong with them. I don\'t have them but I have heard nothing but good things about them. Another library that I do not have but have been very interested in is Kirk Hunter library. It \"seems\" to be the most thourough but I would like to hear it to be sure. Hope this helps.\"

    I bought the Ultimate strings and like them very much - very warm, enough articulations. I also have miroslav mini andthe two combined have enough features for me. I don\'t have AO.

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    Re: AO or Ultimate strings?

    Very helpfull.
    Thanks much,

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