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Topic: The Best Piano

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    The Best Piano

    My apologies if I am treading well worn ground here. I am interested in users opinions as to the best Piano for Giga studio. I of course have Gigapiano but I find it very nasally in the middle although the extremes are very good. Unfortunately the middle is where you tend to play and the G piano just doesn\'t sound right compared to, for instance, my Yamaha P200 keyboard. I listened to an on-line demo of the 1.9 gig Bosendorfer and was impressed but the demo consisted of soley animated playing with no sustains. I would love to take my P200 home again and replace it in my studio with a GS instrument but the Giga Piano is not quite right.

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    Re: The Best Piano

    A couple of quick comments - I\'m not fond of the mid-range on GigaPiano either. The notes around middle c, especially, tend to come blaring out above everything else. When I get to a solo piano project, which will be soon, I\'m going to try editing the gig file (you can\'t edit the samples because of the compressed format) and see if that helps.

    I also have the East-West Bosendorfer. In the low range it sounds wonderful - can\'t beat that Bosendorfer sound - but in the higher octaves I think it\'s just bad, I would say almost unusable. The piano *badly* needed to be voiced before it was recorded; all the notes starting about an octave above middle c decay very quickly - no nice long ringing treble. It\'s a real shame, because it\'s obviously a very fine piano, it just needed some work. It might be ok for some kinds of music, I guess, but I can\'t imagine using it for say Brahms- or Chopin-style music.

    Still looking for the ideal sampled piano...

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    Re: The Best Piano

    vrsound_giga_module has the best piano(s)
    combined with the best rhodes and the best drums for the giga sampler.

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    Re: The Best Piano

    1. what kind of music do you do?

    In piano solo or soft ballad, I\'d use the 900MB East/West Steinway B Piano, which has much renosance. In some cases I need more transparent - thinner - piano, like in non-acoustic-at-all arrangement, I\'ll use my Kurzweil K-2500 Piano ROM. The latter is not as real as the former, especially when it comes to sustained notes, but there are just times that the Steinway B sounds too \"big\".

    2. you better listen yourself.

    Different people like different sounds. I found most people think the 500MB Giga Piano from Nemesys is totally unusable, but still there are some people think it\'s the best ever. One of my friend insists that his 3D piano is the best, while the other only uses his platinum piano. The Bosendorfer demo is impressive, but when I tried it at my friend\'s store, I also found that above C4 it\'s unusable. Then again, some people loves it.
    I\'m lucky to have a friend who owns a store and thus has a lot of sample cds for me to try out - in his store. Personally I think it\'s the best way to tell.

    Deep White

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    Re: The Best Piano

    What do you think guys about the ultimate piano collection? I am thinking of buying this one so I want some opinions, or maybe Steinway B piano is better? My music is kind of New Wave to romantic pop.

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    Re: The Best Piano

    Whatever happened to the Malsjm÷ Grand?

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    Re: The Best Piano

    Thanks for asking Elle.

    The Malmsj÷ Grand was ready for distribution in June and I traveled to Europe for the summer. Unfortunately, the distributor and I could not reach an agreement at that point. Now I am back in the states since two weeks and will have my own web-site up in a week.


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    Re: The Best Piano

    Really looking forward, Hans

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