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Topic: Sketch Music for solo piano 2nd thread (GAS)

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    Sketch Music for solo piano 2nd thread (GAS)

    Made a new video with 3 more pieces from the set, and thought I'd make a new thread, instead of bumping the old one.


    Illustrations are made by Piero Pierini
    Piano is lovely GAS which is doing (I keep repeating that) a great job!
    Pianist is me and composer and editor and publisher (phew) is me!

    EDIT: Just a note to say that these are 3 different pieces than those I posted a little while back.

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    Re: Sketch Music for solo piano 2nd thread (GAS)

    Hi, Nikolas - Thanks for posting more in this series. The presentation at You Tube works so well with the scores and the great illustrations. The music is interesting, I played it twice for it to grow on me more. "Declining" I couldn't do again - the repetition of the single note in the right hand drove me a bit batty. Still - interesting!


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    Re: Sketch Music for solo piano 2nd thread (GAS)


    Thanks for watching and for posting!

    You see the 'declining' initially had a different titles, but because it is aimed at kids, I decided to simplify it greatly and leave it at that. The idea is the declining mental health of the listener with my obsession with A! heh...

    Anyhow, I'm trying very hard to do justice to those works, I just hope they work, since it's not a real piano (despite my utter love for GAS) and I'm the composer, so I'm NOT thinking in straight terms my performances, as I would for someone elses works!

    Thanks once more!

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    Re: Sketch Music for solo piano 2nd thread (GAS)

    I enjoyed these little pieces. Interesting collection you have created. As I said in the previous post, I also really like the art work and how well it fits with the feel of the music.
    Trent P. McDonald

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