Situation -

You have purchased a legal, licensed copy of Will Lee\'s Bass Library in \"Audio\" format (not Akai, Gig, Emu), basically all the files are .cda

You need to convert these to wave files and then cut them up into smaller wave files to represent the different samples for each string and fret as recorded, so that you can use them to build an instrument in GigaStudio.

Question -

What is the most efficient way to do this in your opinion?

What I am doing -

First I use a utility called Easy CD DA Extractor to read the .CDA files and convert them into .wav files because my GigaStudio will not read the disk...says \"unknown format\". Second, once I have a wave file for each CD Track, I use a software utility called Wave Knife to split up the wave files that contain multiple samples into smaller files containing one sample each. Third, I then open up GigaStudio\'s Instrument editor, import the wave files, drag to regions, tweak, and instrument!

Please tell me a better or more efficient way to do this if there is one.

Thanks for your help.