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Topic: recording disaster (kind've) and more news!

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    recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    Just thought I would let everyone know the progress on our next libraries. As many of you know we had slated to record marimba, vibes, crotales, harpsichord, celeste, and the medieval instruments. However, this time at least, lady luck was NOT on our side. We had aquired an Alesis masterlink for our recording source so that we could record in 24 bit/48k. This seemed like a good idea and one day might still be. However! needless to say we had a little trouble with our masterlink. I am not going to bash Alesis but I will say that if you are going to get a masterlink make sure it has system software version 2.0. If you don\'t your begging, as we were, for trouble. So what does this all mean? We after battling with the masterlink and loosing two days we decided to go back to dat and the only thing we got completely finished with was the vibes. The good news is that the vibes turned out very well and we will be posting some demo\'s very soon.
    Another very interesting development for our small but quickly growing company is a project that we were contacted about last week to do. I can\'t say much right now because nothing is offical BUT (as a teaser of course ) I will tell you that it is big and involves arguably the best players in the world on their instruments. I promise you guys will be the first to know as soon as something is set in stone! Keep your fingers crossed

    Donnie Christian
    DS Soundware

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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    What is an \"Alesis masterlink\"?


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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    As a prospective buyer of your future release,I hope you can still find a way to record some or all of your library in 24 bit format.
    At this point myself like a lot of others are moving up to 24 bit audio and would apreciate the incredable sound quality that 24 bit offers in a sample library. thanks , Ken

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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    Well, Donnie, you must be talking about your up-coming world percussion sample library.
    Is Zakir Hussain part of the line-up?
    How about Hariprasad Chaurasia?

    Just make sure it has lots of single hits and not so much pre-composed loopy music.

    Good luck!

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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    Thanks for the replies guys. Actually yes everything that we record from now on will be at 24bit. Whether we dither the final .gig file down to 16bit will depend of the size of the instrument. For example, the vibes that we just finished are averaging about 165 megs per mallet. This is after we dithered them down to 16bit! If we had left them at 24 bit you would have needed a gig of ram just to load a couple of mallets in! (almost anyway). So it just wasn\'t practical to leave them as 24bit files. On the other hand I look for the world percussion library to be in 24 bit. This is mainly because we will be working with much shorter .wav\'s and will the ability to split up the instruments however we like to make them managable for loading purposes. Unfortunately you just can\'t split up each octave of the vibes into 3 seperate .gig\'s Oh and don\'t worry; we don\'t do loops!


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    Re: recording disaster (kind\'ve) and more news!

    sounds good Donnie, Ken

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