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Topic: 500 MB General MIDi

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    500 MB General MIDi

    Hi there!
    Is someone here using the 500 MB General
    MIDI library or knows where to get an
    audiodemo of it?
    Best regards,

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    Re: 500 MB General MIDi

    I bought it and found that only some patches are useful.
    The acoustic piano is good, but I already have the 800MB Steinway B and 512MB RAM. Other patches vary from good to decent. After playing with the library for a while, I made up my mind that if I have to use GM in the future, I\'ll still stick with JV-2080, for most of the time, if you\'re using GM for a project, it\'s not an important one.

    By the way, you can load and playback GM files, but you have to set the effects in GSt\'s DSP station yourself. Everytime.

    Deep White

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    Re: 500 MB General MIDi

    I looked around for a audio demo before buying GM500 and couldn\'t find one. Wish I had. I wouldn\'t have purchased it. UPS delivered it today and so far I\'m disappointed. I was especially interested in the guitar sounds but they don\'t sound nearly as good as my Korg X5DR module. I had hoped it would be at least as good or better, and would provide a somewhat different sound from the Korg so that I would have a couple choices for GM guitar sounds. The electic guitar sounds are different than the Korg, but unforunately not very good in my opinion (the acoustic guitar isn\'t bad though). I haven\'t checked out the other patches yet, so maybe they are better. Just my opinion.

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