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Topic: Steinway Piano

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    Steinway Piano

    Hi there!
    I am interested to hear some demo of the
    Steinway piano. Has somone it or knows where
    I can find it in mp3format for
    Best regards,

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    Re: Steinway Piano

    Ah! Glad you asked.

    I was just @ Roland V-Studio webpage\'s forum posting a similar message for someone who wanted to know about PC samplers. You can find a demo & a CD of the Steinway piano here: http://www.trachtman.org/pianosounds/index.htm

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    Re: Steinway Piano

    Thanks for the referral, but in all fairness, there are at least three different Steinway piano models which have been sampled and which are available in native Gigasampler format:

    My own (Trachtman) CD which has samples from a Steinway model-C Grand, the Oliver Truen/East-West CD which is from a Steinway model-B, and the Michel Post (PPP) CD which is from a Steinway model-D. Each of these pianos, as well as the sample recording and programming of the sample CD, has its own individual character and personality. Different folks may prefer one over the other, depending on your type of music, playing style, and personal tastes.

    The MP3 demos on my CD#2 webpage: http://www.trachtman.org/pianosounds/CD2.htm
    are only from my Steinway-C set.
    However, I have a different page where you can hear comparisons among several different piano sets, playing the exact same MIDI file for reference. At the moment, I only have comparisons for my Steinway-C, the Truen-B, and the (Truen) Bosendorfer. I now also have the Gigapiano CD (a Yahama grand) and will add that to the comparisons once my installation of the new Gigastudio is fully optimized. If anyone wants to send a comparison MP3 made from the Post (PPP) Steinway-D, I will add that as well.
    This piano comparison page is at : http://www.wstco.net/CompareProducts.htm

    Hope this is helpful.


    Warren Trachtman

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