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Topic: ultimate strings

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    ultimate strings

    Im trying to figure out why some of the samples on the ultimate strings cd are not playing the right notes on the right keys. The ones that are off a a whole step away from where they should be. I assume its due to the instrument but how are they useable this way? Or do I just need to relearn to play a whole step off? Any suggestions?


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    Re: ultimate strings

    It\'s just a bad S-Converter conversion.
    It happens in about 10% of cases.
    Try and put the notes back where they should be

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    Re: ultimate strings

    How do you put the notes back? Why does the conversion do the wrong notes every time I convert?


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    Re: ultimate strings

    I don\'t know why S-converter isn\'t 100%, but apparently most conversion programmes are not completely faithful.
    Maybe S-converter is getting the wrong message from the name of the sample file or something.
    Can\'t help you with how to put them back as I\'m not up and running with the editor yet, but I\'m sure it\'s a matter of changing the \'unity\' note(which determines the playback pitch) up or down by the amount that it\'s out.

    Anyone out there can clear this up?

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    Re: ultimate strings

    I\'ve had even worse trouble with Ilio\'s \"Virtuoso Strings\". Nearly every patch converts incorrectly and I have really wasted my money on the samples. Nemesys have replied to my e-mails but have asked me to send them the CDs which I am reluctant to do from 14000 miles away in New Zealand, Apparently they can not come to any arrangement with Ilio to sort the problem out. I would have thought that S-Convert would have been better sorted by now.:-(

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