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Topic: Issue when using GPO 4 as a plugin

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    Issue when using GPO 4 as a plugin


    I have currently purchased and installed GPO 4 onto my computer (Windows XP) via disc. I went through the registration and authorisation process online and everything went smoothly. I activated the product with the keycard as per the instructions. Now, I can open up the ARIA player from my desktop which is fine, but when I try to use GPO 4 as a plugin through Protools 8 I just get a message saying 'Your serial number is not correct. Please run the 'registration tool' to enter the correct serial number for GPO'.

    So I go back to the Garritan website and it says my product is registered, and I double check the serial number which is also correct. WTF! As far as I know there is no 'registration tool' needed for this version of GPO. Could this have something to do with having an older version of GPO installed on my computer previously?

    Anyone know how to fix this problem? It's driving me insane...

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    Re: Issue when using GPO 4 as a plugin

    Dragging the key card on to the stand-alone version of ARIA should have registered it. Have you tried saving the card someplace handy, like your desktop, and dragging it into the ARIA plugin in ProTools?


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