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Topic: Bigga Gigga and Xsample Rhodes

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    Bigga Gigga and Xsample Rhodes

    I know this topic has been covered somewhere before, but has anyone out there played both the BG and Xsample Rhodes? Which one would you prefer?

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    Re: Bigga Gigga and Xsample Rhodes

    Damian-For now and future reference:Use the search function of this forum-for this querry, click search, then enter ``Rhodes\" and then click ``submit\". You will find several discussions of this same topic. I have the Bigga Rhodes, and find the brightest version still does not have enough spank for funky playing, but for more tame, sweet uses, it is very useful.

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    Re: Bigga Gigga and Xsample Rhodes


    I have the Xsample Rhodes and it\'s very nice, but I find that one also is more suited to tame, sweet use. I\'ve been using my Roland JV2080 w/70s keys expansion board for any funky playing.

    However, now there\'s a Rhodes offered in the demo package for Gigastudio, I blv by VR Sound, that is spankin\' enough for funky playing. Although it\'s only three velocity levels compared with Xsample\'s four, they\'ve done some good filtering and enveloping on those three vel levels and it kicks.


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