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Topic: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    Hey, that is great news. I just ordered CDXtract because I liked the way I can preview samples, keep them in a database so I don\'t have to convert them all if I don\'t want, etc. Plus it has a nice UI. If it will convert to gig in the next release, then I\'m really excited. All I need now is to convert to/from Emu ESI...

    I also hear Rubber Chicken\'s Translator is nice, but they don\'t have a demo, and I\'m a little reluctant to spend $150 on a product I can\'t try.

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    Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    Hmm I have been reading a lot an experienced myself the problems regarding S-Converter.

    I have myself contacted Nemesys on serveral occasions regarding certain Akai Samples that will not convert or convert poorly and I must say the whilst Nemesys does have a good product on its hand, if it wants to compete against Hardware Samplers, it really needs to get its act together on support. I am not calling Nemesys at all, but highlighting were they could improve thier customer relations. Nemesys have always replied to my problems, but never \'solved\' them.

    Amyway this is not what I am writing about, but to tell other Giga users that I am currently testing a product called CD-Extrax, as I\'m sure a lot of users will know converts to different formats. Well at the moment I\'m testing release 3.3 which suppoers .gig format from Akai, and where the S-Converter fell, I can say that this product does work.

    So maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    anyone got a release date for this cd-extract version?

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    I find CDxtract to be a very useful utility, especially for cataloging my many thousands of Akai format samples. I believe that version 3.3 with Giga format support is at the beta testing stage, but please contact Amazing Sound (www.cdxtract.com) to check further.


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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    Do you have a link for Translator?


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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    I forgot to add. I\'ve read that all converters thus far(not withstanding CDextract)leave something out in the translation. Well, being just a new Gigasampler user, I wonder if the \'improved\' s-converter in Gigastudio will be much of an improvement...any comments?

    Also I wanted to say that the current S-Converter ain\'t all bad, though I don\'t doubt the experince of those that have had problems. I have an old Peavey SP that REALLY sucked when converting akai disks. I\'ve never heard of a success story. At anyrate, the SP\'s converted Advanced Orchestra strings were the LAST string I reached for(actually they were totally unusable on the SP). With the gigasampler, they don\'t sound all that bad. Atleast now I\'ll be able to use\'em. Thanks Nemesys and keep up the good work!


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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    >>I wonder if the \'improved\' s-converter
    >>in Gigastudio will be much of an
    >>improvement...any comments?

    Yeah. I bought Gigasampler based on the advertised ability to convert Akai disks, and even though Nemesys tech support admits that a number of disks don\'t convert properly (Ultimate Piano, Siedlaczeks\' Orchestra and Classical Choir, etc.), they still haven\'t made the slightest effort to either fix the problem, or even admit in their FAQ or troubleshooting materials that there IS a problem! This is lousy. And now there is some suggestion that all I have to do is buy Gigastudio and MAYBE the S-converter will be improved? I\'ll spend my money elsewhere. And where is the protest that the product does not work as advertised?

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    I\'m now finding these reports quite disturbing. I had a copy GigaStudio on order, but have cancelled since I\'ve heard of reports that Nemesys Have not bothered to fix the S-Converter as well as \'rumors\' that some conversions do not work.

    As Nemesys have no demo of the product, I will now be forced to rely on a cracked copy to evaluate wether this product works for me or not.

    Whist Nemesys I believe, have a great product on their hands, the must remmember loyalty, and prove that loyatly to its exsisting clients. I do condone pirate software, but sometime Companies can force people who really do want to buy the product, to try cracked copies first As they are unwilling to relese a demo. Why? Because they fear that people will know that it does not work? Therefore noone will buy it? Or is it better to \'force\' clients to buy it on a loyaty basis, knowing that if it does not work then I cannot get my money back anyway, and write off the cracked copies against the silly ones that buy it?

    Nemesys... Must remmember that they are not the only ones who sell Software Samplers!

    So come on, fix the bugs, release a 1 channel demo and then get judged properly..

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    Re: Light at the End of the tunnel for akai samples?

    Ok Guys, You must remember that this is a users forum for help with any gigasampler products. Because of the nature of discussion forums most questions asked are based on problems people are having. This by no means say that there is a problem with the product. There are many users who are more than happy with the results they are getting and are busy making music. If they run into a problem or have a question then maybe they\'ll check the forum and make a post.
    Gigastudio\'s Akai converter works great. It\'s very easy to convert a whole disc at once with gigastudio.

    As far as the pirate software well thats going overboard. We don\'t condone it here for any reason at all as stated when you registered.

    PaPa Chalk

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