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Topic: Omnisphere midi sync issues

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    Omnisphere midi sync issues

    I have been getting inconsistant midi sync with Omnispehere on my last few projects. Here is a simple example of my issue....

    Play a relatively fast attack synth comp like "Virus JP Poly 2" to a straight 1/8th note pattern and quantize that to 1/8th notes. When I do this, sometimes the sounds play pack perfectly and other times it plays back late. I have had this occur with arps as well. I have had to bounce my onmi tracks and quantize the audio. Not fun

    Here's my setup...

    Omni 1.5.6d
    Logic 9.1.5 and 9.1.6 (Tried both)
    OS 10.6.8

    This occurs in both 32 and 64 bit mode.

    Any help would be great!!!

    Curtis Marolt

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    Re: Omnisphere midi sync issues

    Send the files to support and they can help you.

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