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Topic: A Definitive Woodwinds set

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set


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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set


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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    \"Sweet\" Oboe. Wooden flutes. Versions with natural vibrato and without.

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set


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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    I really, really, really miss ensemble samples.
    Obviously you need individual solo instruments, but I can\'t effectively an ensemble woodwind sound by tracking up a couple of different flute samples + a piccolo + oboe + clarinet. It just sounds disparate.
    There\'s no question here that the whole sound is more than the sum of its individual parts.
    I suppose the ensemble effect is similar to a string group Vs 7 or 8 solo string instruments ganged together.

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    My previous post should have read that I find it difficult to FAKE an ensemble sound by multitracking several individual patches.

    Another idea: articulations and gestures.
    Maybe some dimension switchable flurries and runs which never quite sound right when you play the notes individually via sequencer.
    Similar to Kirk Hunter\'s strings where you can play a note or move the mod wheel and get a glissando or run up to that note. Obviously you couldn\'t practically cover all keys, tempos and lengths, but I\'m sure a smart arranger could work out a middle ground that would cover the bulk of what I might call \'generic gestrures\' Maybe you could be allowed to mix and match switched layers so that if you know you\'re working in a generally minor key, you load up the minor runs layer instead of the major.

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    My (not so private) Wishing Wel
    At least 2 categories of sounds : A=Bread & Butter \"+\" B=Special Sauce

    A=Bread & Butter:
    _ A short Staccato, and a not so short one.
    _ The Portamento issue is a tough one I guess, my suggestion would be either
    1. to go 0.5 sec; 1 sec; 1.5sec and 2 secondes
    2. or to go 60 beat a min and record 1/16th; 1/8th; 1/4er; 1/2hf; and a whole note
    I tend to believe your musicians would do a much more beautiful job whith the second
    technique, there might be other techniques as well.
    _ Long notes, not looped and played \'til exaustion of your players.
    All those essantial sounds must be at least 6 velocity layered (pp.p.mp.mf.f.ff)
    It sure would be nice to have all this bread and butter in 2 basic articulations: attack (with tong) & leggato (without tong).
    My goodness, did I forget to mention vibrato ? really ??
    Well what would you think of : no vibrato; moderate vibrato and expressive vibrato

    B=Special Sauce:
    _ All the trills, grupetto, flatter, run up, down ...
    This could probably be much much \"lighter\" than the Bread and Butter since this is not supposed to carry the composer\'s melodies in the same way.

    Of Course I wouldn\'t call anything \"definitive\" unless it\'s chromaticaly sampled as well.

    Hope this Help.
    Take Care.

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    Sorry to hog the page but....
    When you do the clarinet, I think it\'s one of those instruments which could benefit greatly from the GS\' \'dimensional\' approach to instrument emulating, ie layers which switch in bends, trills, staccato, fx. Like the sax, it\'s a really mercurial instrument which people are used to hearing a wide range of articulations from in - even in relatively short passages.

    Please forgive me if you have this covered and I\'m telling that water is wet....

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    Re: A Definitive Woodwinds set

    Go Jericho!
    And I thought I was a glutton!

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    A Definitive Woodwinds set

    Just curious to see what people are interested in, in terms of sounds in a multidisc woodwinds set for optimized for gigastudio. We\'re about ready to start the recording process.. and are taking \'requests\' as to what people would like to see in an orchestral woodwinds set. We are aiming to caputre the room, ie. not miking the intruments too closely, have all the normal instruments, plus some not so common ones, and have every articulation you could ever want. (We are exited to say the least)

    Any suggestions?

    Mike Warning
    Early Warning New Media

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