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Topic: Detache

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    This is a dumb question but how would the auto alternate string keyswitch be notated in a score. Is it detache bowing?

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    Re: Detache

    As far I've studied scores, it isn't there in the notation. It is a question of interpretation by the leader of the string section in an orchestra. One thing, there aren't any slures and sometimes composers write down that this should be played as detached or up/down alternating, but the latter is very rare (IMHO).


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    Re: Detache

    if there are no slurs, then the passage is individually bowed, each note.

    if you must, you can add alternating up-bow and down-bow signs to the first few notes, then "simile" afterward.

    but it is normally assumed that no slur means individual bows.

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    Re: Detache

    Thanks to both of you for the response.

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