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Topic: Post Pristine Piano (non) demo...

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    Post Pristine Piano (non) demo...

    It seems quite odd to me that someone would spend hundreds of hours preparing a set of samples but never record a song with it...

    Or never make a great sounding song with said sample set public to sell (say) the Post Piano. Is it really true there are no demo tunes available with this piano?

    Heck, I\'d produce/master/encode and maybe even host good sounding classical mp3s for very very cheap 8^)

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano (non) demo...

    Hi Sam! Please check www.postaudiomedia.com for ppp demos.

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    Re: Post Pristine Piano (non) demo...

    Thanks Sam 8^)

    I\'m listening to the Liszt now, that\'s a very nice sounding piano. The top and bottom end especially sound great in the demo. The midrange sounds a bit too much like a Steinway for my tastes... I\'ll give you guys a review if I pick this one up.

    But I still have dreams of Swedish pianos.

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