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Topic: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

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    Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    I use the orb with an iPad a lot, its a great tool. If you use the dice, it sounds like you often control two different parameters at the same time. This seems to work in an X / Y configuration. In other words, moving left to right across the orb controls one parameter and moving up and down controls another. I'm not 100% sure this is how it works but it sounds like that to me.

    However, when I select Orb as source for a parameter, there is just one choice of Orb. This results in the left right movement of across the orb controlling the parameter where us up and down movement seems to have no effect. Is there a way to map a second parameter (or two) to the up and down movement as well? If not, it would be a great addition for a future update.


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    Re: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    The other axis is Mod Wheel.

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    Re: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    Ahh! Amazing! Thanks Eric!

    Of possible interest are some video interviews Guitar Player Magazine asked me to do for their website some of which feature Omnisphere triggered by guitar. If you're interested there's a link below.

    Click on "Using Synths with Guitar" and I'm playing Omni triggered by guitar with pedals changing parameters etc...

    Also I give Omnisphere and Spectrasonics a huge plug on the video called "Old vs New" at about 7:40 into the interview.


    Also I'll be using the Orb with Omnisphere triggered by guitar at Kings Place Concert Hall London June 25th.


    Electric guitar and laptop (mainly Omnisphere) with piano and haripsichord. Playing works by various contemporary composers.

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    Re: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    Thanks! Awesome stuff. :-)

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    Re: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    Actually, the Orb is not an XY controller. It's a polar controller. This has the advantage over an XY controller in that you can get more musical results since continually moving the cursor cycles back to where you started.

    As you say, using the dice controls multiple parameters in a complex manner designed to give you sonically inspiring results. However, if you want to take manual control over the Orb, you can assign it to individual parameters in the mod matrix. In that case, one dimension, angle, controls the parameter. The second dimension, radius, controls the blend of that parameter with the original value. In other words, moving around the circle changes the sound, and moving in and out controls the blend of that new sound with the original sound.
    Glenn O

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    Re: Orb as X / Y two parameter controller

    I see... that explains its slightly mysterious but very musical effect on parameters. Yes now that you explain it I can see why this is much more musical approach than an X/Y setup. Great to know the details. Thanks Glen!

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